Frequently Asked Questions

When do student online course evaluations open and close for the full semester?

The evaluation period opens approximately 3 weeks before the end of the semester. Students have until 11:59 PM on the last day of the semester to complete the application. We encourage faculty members to remind their students to complete their evaluations for early access to their grades

How do students access the evaluations?

Students should log into site and click on the Course Evals application icon.

Can students access the evaluations through Blackboard like they used to be able to at UTB/TSC?

No. UTB/TSC used a different system than the one currently being used at UTRGV. Students can only access their evaluations using the site.

If students do not complete an evaluation, when can they view their grades?

Students who do not complete an evaluation will not be able to view their grades in ASSIST until approximately 2-3 weeks after the term ends.

If a student does not complete an evaluation, will this affect their graduation?

Course evaluations have no impact on a student’s graduation status.

When will faculty/instructors be able to view the evaluation report for their courses?

Instructors will be able to view their evaluation reports about 2-3 weeks after the evaluation period concludes.

I am a faculty member. Some of my courses are not showing in my Course Evals list. Why is this the case?

There may be several reasons; the most common reason is a course section with a small enrollment. Courses with less than 5 enrolled students do not have course evaluations because the small class size may allow someone to determine a student’s identity. There are rare exceptions to this for courses in Fine Arts and some special programs.

Another reason that you may not see the course evaluations in your list is because you are not listed as the official Instructor of Record for the course. Your Department Chair or School Director can correct this in the Banner system. The Course Evaluations system and/or Faculty Success & Diversity office cannot fix this problem.

I am a student. Some of my courses are not showing in my Course Evals list. Why is this the case?

The most common reason is a course section with a small enrollment. Courses with less than 5 enrolled students do not have course evaluations.

If my class has fewer than 5 students, can I request that course evaluations be set up for the class?

The course evaluations are predicated on students’ anonymity. Therefore, we do not allow course evaluations for classes with fewer than 5 students because students’ identities may not be private. However, we have provided a way fr faculty to merge sections with small enrollment. If you would like to request a merge of sections please submit your request to your department administrative staff member who will submit it with the appropriate information needed to no later than one week BEFOE the evaluation period opens. Any requests sent after the evaluation period has open will be denied. 


Oops! When submitting my student evaluation, I accidentally gave my instructor a score of 1 when I meant to give her/him a 5. Can I go back and redo the evaluation?

No. Once the evaluation has been submitted, it cannot be redacted, deleted, reset or redone. We recommend that students carefully review their evaluation before submitting it in order to avoid errors such as this.

How can I add questions to my evaluations? 

Instructors may add optional questions to obtain additional feedback from students. Optional questions can only be added before the student evaluation period opens. Please see guide below for instruction. 

Course Evals Optional Questions Reference GuideIns

A graduate student (Teaching Assistant) is teaching a course and the course evaluations is listed with mine. Why is that and how can I remove it? 

Most graduate students cannot be listed as an instructor of record. Therefore, supervising faculty will receive the evaluation for the course and it cannot be removed. You may consider adding optional questions to collect additional feedback on these types of scenarios. 

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