FPT Electronic Dossier FAQs

  • Scheduled Teaching lists courses I didn’t teach. How do I get them deleted?

    If the courses are Fall 2017 - We will clean-up the information for Fall 2017 Scheduled Teaching soon. Many courses are changing instructors currently and we need to let things settle down a bit before we do the clean-up. Thank you for understanding.

    If the courses are before Fall 2017 - If the courses were taught by a teaching assistant and you were the instructor of record, then the courses need to stay in your tabular summary.  Please ask your department chair/school director how to address this issue in your dossier.

  • The tabular summaries don’t show the correct semesters. How do I get this fixed?

    Regardless of the review that you are doing this year, the only dates that work properly are:

    • 1 Sep 2017 for start date
    • 31 Aug 2018 for end date

    Please use these dates and your tabular summaries will have the correct semesters in them.

  • My degrees earned are not appearing on my Vita in my Faculty Review Dossier. How do I get them added?

    Please email the following information to FPT@utrgv.edu and we will input them for you.

    • Degree earned
    • University
    • Major
    • Date awarded
  • I ran the Faculty Review Dossier and all I get is a blank page. What is broken?

    Please click on Faculty Review Dossier on the home page of FPT.  Click on Add New Item at the top.  Select Current Academic Year as 2017-2018.  Complete all of the remaining boxes.  Click on Save at the top.  Then click on Rapid Reports.  Select Faculty Review Dossier and use 1 Sep 2017 for start date and 31 Aug 2018 for end date.  Click Run Report.
  • I heard that I need to send my previous years’ recommendations to FPT@utrgv.edu. Is this true?

    If you are tenure track or applying for promotion or post tenure review – please send scans of your previous years’ reviews to FPT@utrgv.edu.
    If you are tenured or contingent and on annual review then it isn’t necessary at this time.  We will ask for them at a later date.
  • My question is not on this list. What do I do?

    Please email your question(s) to FPT@utrgv.edu.