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The Office of Faculty Success & Diversity offers a wide range of programming and support services to promote faculty excellence and to ensure their personal and professional success through the following key goals and initiatives:

  • Enhance the recruitment and retention of an excellent and diverse faculty through recruitment and diversity trainings, awards and recognition programs, workplace-climate trainings and assessments, family-friendly policies and initiatives, and social and networking events.
  • Provide professional and leadership development opportunities for faculty and administrators through trainings/workshops, mentoring programs, and career advancement pathways.
  • Recognize, reward, and incentivize faculty excellence through a variety of awards and recognition programs for internal and external achievements.
  • Promote a positive/supportive workplace climate and work-life balance through family-friendly policies, climate trainings and assessments, health and wellbeing programs, and social and networking events.
  • Engage and empower faculty through shared governance and decision-making, accountability and transparency, and open and honest communications at all levels.