Emerging Leaders Program

Each track is hand-picked and designed to provide a pragmatic and comprehensive approach to developing well-rounded leadership attributes that can be applied across a diverse range of industries. Tracks include self-paced, online content taught by industry leaders coupled with hands-on, interactive in-class sessions moderated and guided by subject matter experts and practitioners. This blended learning environment allows participants to effectively combine foundational leadership concepts from online modules, with best practices gained during classroom interactions, to develop a well-rounded approach to problem-solving.
This comprehensive program, spread out over 5 months, consists of a series of topics on essential skills in leadership: team building, conflict management, persuasion & influence, negotiation, communication skills, and leadership integration (for in-depth information, check out the individual tracks section below).

Some of the important benefits of this program include networking opportunities with peers, interaction with influencers in the community, and case study-based, in-class discussions moderated by subject matter experts.

Upon successfully completing the program requirements, you will be conferred a “Certificate of Completion” from the Office of Professional Education & Workforce Development and recognized as an “Emerging Leader” in a “mini graduation” ceremony held at the end of the program.


Session Details:

How is the program organized?

The program is organized into 3 six-week tracks, with two topics covered in each track. Each topic will consist of an online learning component (e.g. “LinkedIn Learning) followed by an in-person component (e.g. Track 1A: Building & Directing High-Performance Teams). Each in-person learning component will be 2 hours in length and will build on skills and competencies learned via LinkedIn Learning in the three weeks preceding the in-person class. Please refer to the Emerging Leaders Program framework presented in the “Course Description” section of the website.

To complete the Emerging Leaders Program, participants must complete all three tracks. Upon completion of all three tracks, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for successfully completing the program and be recognized as an “Emerging Leader” by the UTRGV Office of Professional Education & Workforce Development (PEWD).

What are the benefits of being in the UTRGV’s Emerging Leaders Program?

As a participant, you will be able to leverage and capitalize on:

    • Hands-on learning from subject matter experts and influential leaders.
    • Professional networking opportunities with other Emerging Leaders.
    • A targeted, immersive learning experience allowing you to develop and refine critical leadership skills for a current or future leadership role.

Once participants have successfully completed all three tracks, ELP participants will receive the Emerging Leaders Program recognition and the following benefits:

    • A Certificate of Completion and recognition as an “Emerging Leader” from the UTRGV Office of Professional Education and Workforce Development (PEWD).
    • LinkedIn Learning Certificates of Completion for online courses assigned and completed to showcase on your LinkedIn profile.
    • Become more marketable as an emerging leader and garner the attention that comes with such recognition.

Must I complete all 3 tracks to complete the program?

Yes, all three tracks must be completed along with the required participation in face-to-face sessions and online LinkedIn Learning courses. However, if you are unable to attend all three tracks within this cohort, you will have the opportunity to complete the remaining tracks when the program is offered again.

Anyone interested in developing their leadership skills or transitioning into a leadership role.

Note: PEWD program participants should be 18 years or older.

The capstone session will have a panel of industry experts from our region who will rate the group presentations and provide live feedback to the groups. There will also be a Q&A moderated by Office PEWD with the panel of experts during the final session, which will lend itself to a valuable takeaway for ELP participants.

This course requires a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.

Note: If you are applying for the Continuing Education Private Loan to cover the registration fee for a non-credit continuing education program, then please use the UTRGV Continuing Education School Code: 003599. The loan amount you note in the application cannot exceed the open enrollment fee noted on our website. Books will NOT be included in the loan amount. The minimum for the loans must be $500.00. Some service charges may apply.

*The only loan provider PEWD accepts is Sallie Mae*

Please email pewd@utrgv.edu once you have been approved so we may certify your loan.

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Track Details:

Track 1A: Building & Directing High-Performance Teams

  • Build a mission and vision to improve team effectiveness
  • Identify traits of successful teams and team members
  • Learn to motivate teams and develop individual capabilities

Track 1B: Resolving & Managing Conflict in Teams

  • Identify and resolve conflicts that may negatively impact productivity
  • Learn key actions for resolving conflicts within teams
  • Identify opportunities for member-led or leader-led conflict resolution

Track 2A: Building Rapport with Persuasion & Influence

  • Learn to persuade and influence team members and stakeholders
  • Recognize and apply influence techniques to build strong relationships
  • Develop influence with and without authority

Track 2B: Creating Value through Negotiation & Empathy

  • Apply best practices and essential tactics in negotiation
  • Learn to prepare and plan for negotiation meetings
  • Identify and compare internal and customer priorities/needs

Track 3A: Communicating with Confidence & Visual Aids

  • Build presentation skills to present in front of an audience
  • Develop best practices for communicating information and results
  • Learn to utilize presentations and visual aids effectively

Track 3B: Emerging Leaders Capstone

  • Integrate and utilize developed leadership competencies
  • Recognize and apply essential leadership styles
  • Identify the responsibilities and priorities of an emerging leader

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Program Modality:

Lecture: UTRGV Center for Innovation and Commercialization

$ 599 (Paid in Full)
$ 199 (Per Track)

Ms. Jayshree Bhat

*Since LinkedIn Learning modules included in this program are taught by nationally recognized and renowned industry leaders who have specialized knowledge on the topics, the in-class sessions will be moderated by Ms. Jayshree Bhat, Assistant VP for Professional Education & Workforce Development, along with hand-picked local experts as guest speakers.

Students requiring accommodation should contact our office pewd@utrgv.edu to learn about the process.

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