Strategic Plan

Students as Learners and Teachers at a Hispanic Serving Institution: Designing, Implementing, and Assessing Equitable and Inclusive Teaching and Learning Practices

students as learners and teachers

Team members
  • Alyssa G. Cavazos, Associate Professor in Writing & Language Studies
  • Patricia McHatton, EVP for Academic Affairs
  • Selina Mireles, Senior Associate VP for Faculty Success and Diversity
  • Lesley Chapa, Senior Biology Major
  • Alison Cook-Sather, Professor of Education and Director of the Teaching and Learning Institute at Bryn Mawr College


This proposal aims to promote student success by encouraging authentic teaching and learning partnerships between students and faculty members across academic disciplines. We aim to transform teaching practices in direct response to the experiences, knowledge, and insights of our student population. Most importantly, we aim to transform students’ sense of belonging, resilience, and educational growth. By collaborating with underrepresented and underserved students, the program aims to foster student resilience and build inclusive pedagogies across the university. Students will serve as paid pedagogical consultants to faculty members across academic disciplines under the Center for Teaching Excellence.

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