Peer Observation of Teaching Series

The Center for Teaching Excellence is pleased to facilitate conversations on Peer Observation of Teaching. This series is designed as a guided collaborative exploration of peer observation of teaching with faculty peers across departments and schools. Peer Observation of Teaching, when implemented through a community of learners approach, can lead toward reflective teaching practices and foster quality teaching and student learning. 


Participants in the series explore peer observation of teaching as a guided process that can result in mutually beneficial conversations on teaching and learning. This program encompasses 10 hours of face-to-face conversations with a series of structured sessions focused on learning about the benefits of peer observation, understanding and identifying teaching components, designing a reciprocal peer observation process, and drafting a dissemination plan.  


We invite faculty peers to explore how peer observation of teaching can lead toward authentic, collaborative, and reciprocal conversations about teaching and student success. 

Explore what the CTE has available for Peer Observation.