Teaching for Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity

Teaching for inclusivity, diversity, and equity is a pedagogical mindset that embraces difference (e.g., racial, linguistic, cultural, gendered, sexual orientation, ability) as integral to learning, knowledge-making, academic achievement, and social change. 

While institutions of higher education are becoming increasingly diverse, the racial disparity in persistence and college completion rates for African American and Hispanic students is noticeable and troublesome. As educators, alongside our students, at one of the largest HSIs in the US, we are in an ideal position to challenge implicit biases and systemic inequities that manifest in our pedagogies and that often prevent underrepresented and underserved students from succeeding in higher education and beyond.  

The UTRGV Center for Teaching Excellence is committed to facilitating transdisciplinary conversations on teaching and learning to foster reflection and collaboration on evidence-based teaching and learning practices. By engaging in collaborative and introspective reflections on our teaching practices and values, we can explore how implicit bias and systemic barriers may manifest in our pedagogies, challenge inequities in our educational context, and commit to deliberate pedagogical shifts centered on inclusion, diversity and equity. 

The purpose of Teaching for Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity is to create a space to challenge traditional teaching approaches rooted is racism and disenfranchisement and find inspiration for enacting equity-minded and anti-racist pedagogies across academic disciplines.  

Our goals include: 

  • Learn about and reflect on white privilege, systemic racism, and antiracism in education.
  • Identify when implicit bias and systemic racism manifest in our pedagogies. 
  • Facilitate sustained collaborative conversations on evidence-based, anti-racist pedagogies. 
  • Revise activities, readings, assignments, and assessments to reflect inclusive, diverse, and equity-minded pedagogies. 

This page is intended to serve as a space where we can engage these goals through the following supporting resources focused on antiracist, inclusive, diverse, and equity-minded pedagogies: