Faculty Highlights

The following faculty members from across academic disciplines engage teaching, learning, and research practices centered on inclusive, diverse, equity-minded, antiracist, and/or HSI pedagogies. By highlighting their work, we aim to facilitate transdisciplinary partnerships, engage in a community of learners to improve teaching, and create a teaching mentoring system for colleagues across UTRGV. Collectively, we can build more inclusive and diverse spaces of teaching and learning where all students showcase their knowledge and achieve success.  

Faculty members highlighted here are advocates and collaborators who assist the CTE on: 

  • Developing a guide to inclusive and equity-minded pedagogies at UTRGV
  • Providing feedback and offering recommendations on resources and readings on the website
  • Facilitating teaching conversation 
  • Designing and/or facilitating faculty learning communities
  • Serving as teaching mentors to faculty members across the University. 

Coming soon 

If are a UTRGV faculty member who would like to be highlighted on this page, please send an e-mail to cte@utrgv.edu