P2C2 SEMINAL Grant Project and Q&A Sessions

Tutoring peerIn an effort to improve student success in Precalculus, Calculus 1, and Calculus 2 classes (altogether known as "P2C2" classes), recitation labs were introduced in Spring 2018, along with other evidence-based interventions, such as coordination among course sections, known to provide consistency and continuity for student success.

Additionally, Q&A sessions, which are supervised by undergraduate Learning Assistants, were introduced to assist students with homework and lecture material. The accumulation of these interventions are part of an NSF SEMINAL grant. In this website, P2C2 students sign-in to measure the amount of time students spend in Q&A sessions. For more information about the grant project, please contact Dr. Cristina Villalobos.

The website is maintained by the Center of Excellence in STEM Education