K-12 Activities

C-STEM K-12 Activities

The Center of Excellence in STEM Education is a resource for students who are interested in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We cater to k-12, undergraduate and graduate students.

K-12 and Community Outreach

The purpose of k-12 community outreach is to promote and encourage students in exploring careers in STEM fields and to strengthen their understanding of STEM disciplines. To that end, we provide several STEM presentations and hands-on activities. We also regularly present 3D educational IMAX and National Geographic movies on a wide range of STEM topics such as: International Space Station, Hubble, life in deep sea, paleontology and the Arctic. We organized the Middle School Challenge during HESTEC, where we conducted hands on activities with over 600 middle school students from all across the valley. We encourage schools to visit C-STEM and engage their students in exciting STEM activities.

Undergraduate and Graduate students

Students, faculty and staff members are free to use and reserve the C-STEM for several purposes, such as holding student organization meetings, signing up a group of students to watch 3D movies, and using the C-STEM software and equipment for presentations and assignments. While we welcome all majors to attend our events, we do provide STEM focused resources to those especially interested in these fields. We offer workshops on applying to summer research programs, creating research posters, giving technical scientific talks, writing technical papers, and advice on how to get into a research lab and how to read scientific articles and conduct literature reviews. Also, the C-STEM hosts Ted Talks every other Friday. These talks provide a rich environment for students and faculty members from all disciplines to come together and talk about innovative ideas and have discussions about the talks. Students find this causal forum to be especially helpful for talking to their peers and getting to know faculty members outside of class well.

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