CoS Bridge to Research Success

The College of Sciences is launching a new initiative named Faculty Bridge to Research Success with the goal to increase grant application success among midcareer and senior faculty. We invite applications from tenured faculty who have kept a strong record of research publications, but had difficulties to attract external funding in recent years.

The program will provide funds to support research-related activities that will help to increase the chances of a successful grant submission. Examples of activities can for example be short visits to other institutions to explore/start new collaborations, a trip to the DC to discuss your proposal ideas with a Program Director, attendance at and/or presentation in a relevant conference in the discipline. Faculty receiving the Bridge award are required to apply for a major research grant within a year of the award.

The College expects to support at least 5 researchers this year and has a total budget of $35,000 in 2020. There is no maximum limit for individual applications, but the requested amount will have an impact on the likelihood of being funded.

Who can participate: The program aims to support Associate and Full Professors in the College of Sciences that have a track record of research, but that are currently without active grant funding in AY 2019/20.

How to participate: Interested researchers need to submit an application to the College of Sciences Associate Dean for Research ( by February 5, 2020 before end of business (EoB). The following documents are needed for the application:

  • A summary (up to 2 pages) of the research project that will serve as the base for the grant proposal to be prepared and submitted and an explanation of how the Bridge award will enhance the chances for receiving the external research grant. Specify the agency and program where the proposal will be submitted and whether you have been previously funded by that agency and when.
  • An updated CV.
  • Budget spreadsheet detailing the Research Bridge expenditures.
  • A budget justification (up to 1 page) detailing the intended use of the Bridge funds, why they are needed and how they will positively impact the chances for a successful grant application

Review criteria: The COS Research Committee will evaluate the research bridge proposals and rank them by merit of the proposal and likelihood of enhancing the chances of a successful grant submission. Budgetary constraints will influence the selection.

Announcement of selections: The results will be announced to the applicants by February 26, 2020.