Department of Biology

Department of Biology

The Department of Biology offers majors in Biology leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in Biology. Biology students may elect a curriculum for a major in Biology, Marine Biology, Health-oriented careers, or Teaching Certification (Elementary or Secondary). The Department also offers study beyond the bachelor's degree leading to a Master of Science in Biology. A limited number of teaching assistantships are usually available. Interested students should consult the Graduate Programs section of the catalog or the chair of the Department of Biology. There are opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to join funded projects. Students should contact the appropriate faculty for these opportunities.

Department of Chemistry

Department of ChemistryThe Department of Chemistry offers a bachelors (B.S.), masters (M.S.) or minors in chemistry. Additionally, the Department of Chemistry prepares students for admission to schools of dentistry, pharmacy, and medicine. We also offer a program that leads to teacher certification through the UTeach program where you will work dedicated Chemical Education faculty. We provide undergraduate, graduate, and high school students with research opportunities supervised by faculty mentors that are experts in areas such as organic, inorganic, environmental, physical, analytical, computational, polymeric, and materials chemistry.  Our department receives generous funding to support research from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Welch Foundation, and the Elliott Chemical Society.

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Department of Physics & AstronomyThe Department of Physics & Astronomy offers Bachelor's (B.S.) and Master's (M.S.) programs in Physics. In addition, a cooperative Ph. D in physics program is also offered with the University of Texas at Arlington. Under this program, students enrolled in the UT Arlington Cooperative PhD Physics program have the option to reside at Brownsville/Edinburg and conduct their research under the direction of a graduate faculty member of the UTRGV Physics department. All requirements for the program including graduation requirements are the same as those established for the UTA PhD Physics program.

School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

School of Mathematical and Statistical SciencesThe School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences offers Bachelor's (B.S.) and Master's (M.S.) programs in Mathematics. In addition, the School offers a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) in Middle School Mathematics with UTeach Certification. The Master of Science in Mathematics has three tracks, a Mathematics Concentration, Industrial and Applied Mathematics Concentration, and a Mathematics Teaching Concentration, and a Statistics Concentration. In each case, the student can choose from a Thesis, Project, or Comprehensive Exam exit option.

School of Earth, Environmental, and Marine Sciences

School of Earth, Marine, and Environmental SciencesThe School of Earth, Environmental, and Marine Sciences provides students a unique integrative education and training experience that prepares them to meet the challenges and opportunities in the multiple dimensions of contemporary earth, environmental, and marine sciences.