Q: Will faculty be able to continue field research work?

A: Yes, faculty may continue to do field work, as long as they do not involve students on it. If more than 1 person (faculty and/or staff) must be involved, please adhere to UTRGV and CDC instructions for safety.

Q: For a class that is based on field work, will faculty be able to conduct field work along with students of the class?

A: No, all classes moved to remote delivery. Under Stage 2, if a class requires field work experience for the students, the instructor will have to modify it and adapt it as best as possible to offer it only remotely. The institution and the college will work to find the best solutions in the future to deal with courses where field work is essential, if the remote teaching approach has to be extended beyond Spring 2020. For the current semester, however, no field work with students is allowed. Under Stage 3, and under a Shelter-in-Place county order, if we ever get to that point, conducting field work may not be possible even for faculty and staff.

Q: Where to find help to deal with anxiety during this stressful period?

A: Official help is available to all UTRGV employees through Health Services. To schedule an appointment call:  1-833-UTRGVMD (1-833-887-4863). Non-official help is always available through all of us. If you need help or have concerns, do not hesitate to call/email your colleagues, your chair/director, your dean. We are on this together. Supporting each other is important.

Resources for faculty/staff working remotely:

Resources for students working remotely: