Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Brownsville’s commencement ceremony moving indoors?

    Based on past experiences, an indoor ceremony provides a more intimate setting for graduates and their guests. Moving indoors also eliminates the effects of potential inclement weather, which in the past has forced the university to change locations on short notice.

    In addition, a survey of those students eligible to graduate in Brownsville this semester revealed that they prefer an indoor ceremony over an outdoor ceremony.

  • How was the TSC Jacob Brown Auditorium selected as the indoor facility to host the Brownsville commencement ceremony?

    A comprehensive review of all the indoor facilities in the lower valley found that TSC Jacob Brown Auditorium has the largest capacity. Choosing a smaller venue would have resulted in decreasing the number of guests tickets available to our graduates.

  • Do I get to select the location in which I want to graduate?

    You will be assigned a reservation date, time and location. The location that is selected for you is based on where a majority of your academic coursework was taken. If you have taken a majority of your coursework on our Brownsville campus, you will be invited to participate at our Brownsville ceremony location. If you have taken a majority of your coursework on our Edinburg campus, you will be invited to participate at our McAllen ceremony location. Online students will be invited to attend at the McAllen location.
  • If I get reserved for a day I cannot attend, am I allowed to change ceremony dates?

    Rescheduling is not an option at this time given limited seating and maximum capacity at all venues.
  • Will all commencement ceremonies require tickets for guests?

    Yes, all seven ceremonies will require tickets for guests over the age of 2. All graduates for all locations will receive 6 tickets for their ceremony. Graduates will be notified as to when and where they may obtain their tickets as we approach the commencement dates. Extra tickets will not be distributed. Also, any unused tickets should not be sold on social media. 

    Please visit the  UTRGV Commencement webpage for the latest information.

  • If guests are unable to obtain a ticket, how else may they experience the commencement ceremonies?

    All seven ceremonies will be broadcast live online at and on the UTRGV Facebook page. In addition, all the Brownsville and McAllen ceremonies will have overflow rooms, in which guests may watch the live broadcast of the ceremonies. More information on the overflow rooms will be announced as we approach the commencement dates.

    Please visit the UTRGV Commencement webpage for the latest information.

  • How do I apply for graduation?

    Applying for undergraduate graduation is done through ASSIST. The priority Application Deadline for Spring and Summer 2019 is February 28, 2019. Here are the steps to apply:

    1. Log onto
    2. Click on ASSIST
    3. Click on the Student Services tab
    4. Click on Student Records
    5. Click on Apply to Graduate 
    • Select the most recent term you see in the dropdown menu so we can pull up your field of study information. This is not the term you want to graduate from. You will get to select your graduation term two steps later. If you don’t get the option to select a term, contact U Central.
    • On the next page, confirm that your Degree, Major, Minor, Concentrations, etc. are correct. If the information is not correct, contact U Central or Academic Advising. 
    • On the next page, select the graduation term. This is the term when you are going to complete your degree requirements not the ceremony you want to attend. You will be invited to the appropriate ceremony once we review your application. 
    • Confirm that your name is spelled correctly. If the information is not correct, contact U Central. 
    • Confirm your diploma mailing address. 
    • Follow the remaining steps to complete your application. 
    • There is a $32 fee that will be applied to your student account once you finalize the application.


  • Is there a graduation application fee?

    A non-refundable graduation fee of $32 is charged for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The fee is payable online on ASSIST or at the Bursar’s office inside U Central on either campus, Brownsville or Edinburg. The fee is used to cover processes including review of applications for graduation, diploma printing, postage, and other expenses associated with graduation and Commencement including music, graduation speakers, and other logistics associated with the commencement ceremony.

  • Where do I see my degree progress?

    DegreeWorks is a student advisement degree audit system used for undergraduate degree plans.

    DegreeWorks is an automated degree plan that performs some of the following functions:

    • Allows students and advisors to view a student’s progress toward degree completion
    • Review pending coursework to assist in planning future coursework
    • Ability to run “What-If” audits scenarios for students interesting in changing their major or adding a minor. 

    View your degree audit on DegreeWorks through ASSIST: Please keep in mind however, that the DegreeWorks degree audit is not intended to replace the requirement that you meet with your academic advisor as it is a guide to help you with course selection. For assistance interpreting the DegreeWorks report, please contact your academic advisor.

  • Are you planning to continue taking undergraduate courses?

    If you are going to be enrolling in Undergraduate courses after graduation for professional improvement, to raise your GPA for admission into Grad school, or to take prerequisites for a masters program, you need to submit a Readmit application through ApplyTexas. 

    Failure to reapply for admissions may prevent you from being eligible to receive Financial Aid.

  • What if I need to change my graduation term/date?

    If you have already applied for graduation online and you need to make a change in the term / date in which you will be completing your degree requirements, you are required to fill out and submit a Request for Change of Graduation Date form as soon as possible.

  • I completed my degree in a summer term, but there is no summer ceremony! Do I participate in Spring or Fall Commencement?

    • Students who are lacking 6 or less credit hours for degree completion in the Summer and are enrolled for the summer are permitted to participate in the Spring 2019 Commencement Ceremony. 
    • Students who are lacking more than 6 credit hours for degree completion in the Summer are permitted to participate in the Fall 2019 Commencement Ceremony.
  • What if I am deficient in Language Proficiency? What does that mean?

    UTRGV offers three (3) options for students to meet the Language Proficiency Requirement:

    1. Take Six (6) hours in the same language combination sequence (courses must be in a language other than English), visit the UTRGV catalog for additional information at:    
    2. Take the WebCAPE Placement Exam
    3. Take a CLEP Exam and earn college credit hours.

    Upon demonstrating proficiency and once a score transcript reaches the Office of the Registrar for either a WebCAPE Placement Exam or for a CLEP Exam your student record will be updated and noted appropriately.

    Examination fees and testing information is available at: Computer Based Exams.

  • How many hours are are required for my degree?

    Most degree plans require a minimum of 120 hours and 42 advanced hours; however, some degrees may require additional hours in both areas.

    Visit UTRGV at to view your specific degree plan in the 2018 catalog , or click on Undergraduate Programs Archive to view degree plans in catalog years 2015-2017.  Degree plans prior to UTRGV are located in Former Catalogs at:

  • My course is not offered in the semester I need to take it and I need it to graduate, what do I do?

    Contact your department for course recommendations. If you need further assistance, please e-mail the Graduation Help Desk at: Explain your situation, please provide your Student ID Number and a contact phone number.
  • How do I submit a course substitution or waiver?

    Visit the Course Substitution and Waiver portal: to view instructions for submitting a request. Once you are ready to proceed, select the CLICK HERE link and log in with your UTRGV login credentials.

    If you need to initiate a course substitution or waiver, please contact your Advisor. Advisors can submit, view and search requests online, to schedule an advising session at:

  • What if I need to set-up an appointment ASAP, due to graduation, and my academic advisor is not available?

    If you are unable to schedule an advising session with your academic advisor online, please call their office at (956) 665-7120 to see speak with the Academic Advising Center representative for further assistance. Explain your situation and your upcoming graduation in the Spring/Summer 2019 semester to see if you are able to get an appointment due to the circumstances.
  • How do I clear a hold?

    You may view any academic holds on-line

    • Log in through ASSIST:
    • Select the Student Services tab
    • Click on the Student Account link
    • Click on View Holds to see any active holds.

    For general information you can visit and search “Account Holds” for a listing of the different type of student holds along with respective contact information for each office.

  • How can I get prepared for the commencement ceremony?

    Get your gear ready. Here are the links to get started:

    • If you are attending the ceremony at the McAllen Convention Center, keep an eye on your email for notification about tickets.
    • Cap, Gown, Stole and Honors cords are ordered through the bookstore.

    • Ring is available for purchase through Jostens.

    • For stoles, medals and cords from clubs, organizations and honor societies you need to contact them directly.

    • If you need invitations, you have to purchase them through an outside vendor.

  • When will I get my diploma after I graduate?

    Diplomas will be issued by mail approximately six weeks after commencement; mid-to-late February for fall graduates, and by mid-to-late July for spring graduates, and mid-to-late October for summer graduates. Update your phone number and “diploma” mailing address in ASSIST: before you graduate.