Faculty & Staff: Resources and Forms

College Guidelines for Peer Observations

CEP Syllabus Templates

Faculty Review Criteria

Training Resources

CEP Assessment and Accreditation Forms & Resources

You can access the CEP syllabus template at the Assessment and Accreditation page.

Tk20 resources also available at the Assessment and Accreditation page.

Human Resources Forms

You can access the following forms at Human Resources.

  • Benefits
  • New hire (required forms)
  • Compensation
  • FLSA Resources
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Tuition Assistance Program
  • State Employee Charitable Campaign
  • Overtime/Comp. Time Request Form
  • Immigration Services
  • A&P Employee Evaluation Resources
  • Classified Employee Evaluation Resources
  • Records
  • Download Forms...

Office of the Provost Faculty Forms

You can access the following forms at the Office of the Provost.

  • Guidelines
  • Faculty Reviews
  • Administrative Forms
  • Faculty Teaching Workload Equivalency
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You can access Administrative Forms from the UTRGV secured Sharepoint.

  • Administrative Forms

    Academic Affairs
    • Leave Approval Request Form (Staff)
    • Request for Leave of Absence (Faculty)
    Accounting and Reporting
    • Account Reconciliation Template
    • Project Key Member Update
    • UTRGV Journal Entry Template - Revenues and Transfers
    • UTRGV Oracle Expenditure Entry Template
    Accounts Payable
    • Hotel Tax Exempt Certificate
    • Substantiation Documentation
    • Travel Voucher Form 54
    • Travel Voucher Form 575
    • Travel Voucher Form Inter Campus Mileage Form
    • Substitute W-9 & Direct Deposit Authorization Form
    • Departmental Deposit Guidelines
    Campus Auxiliary Services
    • Application for Joint Sponsorship
    Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management
    • Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement Form
    Facilities Planning & Operations
    • Application for Drivers Record
    • Missing or Stolen Property Form
    • Space Modification Request Form
    • Vehicle Reservation Form
    Grants & Contracts
    • Expenditure Correction Request
    Human Resources
    • Emergency Paycheck Request
    • Cell Phone Forms (Justification for Exception to Wireless Communication Device Policy)
    • Cell Phone Forms (Termination of Wireless Communication)
    • Cell Phone Forms (Wireless Communication Allowance Rates - FY16)
    • Cell Phone Forms (Wireless Communication Plan Allowance FY16)
    Planning & Analysis Office
    • Fee Change Request Form
    • New Fee Request Form
    Police Department
    • Police Department Request Services
    Print Shop
    • UTRGV Request Form Business Card and Stationary
    • UTRGV Request Form Regular
    Procurement Office
    • Exclusive Acquisition Justification Form
    • UTRGV Texas Sales and use Tax Exemption Certification
    Tax Compliance Office
    • Tax Withholding Information Form 2015 (International Individuals)
    Treasury Operations
    • Bank Wiring Instructions
    • International Bank Wiring Instructions