Department of Counseling: Directory

Brownsville Staff

Name Email Phone (956) Office
Ms. Cynthia Deleon
Office Assistant II 882-7792 BMAIN 1.210
Ms. Bertha Martinez
Administrative Assistant II 882-7678 BMAIN 2.306
Ms. Celinda Quintanilla
Director of Counseling and
Training Clinic/Supervisor 882-7792 BMAIN 1.210

Edinburg Staff

Name Email Phone (956) Office
Mr. Roy Rosales
Supervising Clinical Therapist 665-3738 EEDUC 1.224
Ms. Sandra Saavedra
Administrative Assistant I 665-5251 EEDUC 1.270
Ms. Norma Sepulveda
Administrative Assistant II 665-3449 EEDUC 1.506C

Brownsville Faculty

Name/Vita Email Phone (956) Office
Dr. Lionel Javier Cavazos
Associate Professor

665-3795 EEDUC 1.525
Dr. Eunice Lerma
Associate Professor 882-5850 BMAIN 2.200G
Dr. Claudia Salinas
Assistant Professor 665-3470 EEDUC 1.642
Dr. James F. Whittenberg
Associate Professor 882-5841 BMAIN 2.200J
Dr. Selma Yznaga
Associate Professor 882-7855 BMAIN 2.200Q

Edinburg Faculty

Name/Vita Email Phone (956) Office
Dr. Victor Alvarado
Professor 665-2299 EEDUC 1.646
Dr. Veronica Castro
Associate Professor 665-5319 EEDUC 1.648
Dr. Peter L. Kranz
Professor 665-3467 EEDUC 1.654
Dr. Suzanne Maniss
Department Chair 665-3464 EEDUC 1.506A
Dr. Diana D. Ruiz
Associate Professor in Practice 665-8091 EEDUC 1.644
Dr. Jean Shen
Professor 665-7086 EEDUC 1.650
Dr. G. Scott Sparrow
Professor 665-7953 EEDUC 1.652