Learning to Teach Lab

  • Learning to Teach Lab

The vision of the LTT lab is to support and challenge teacher candidates from admission to certification through resources and activities that engage them in practice-based teacher education, digital pedagogies, and successful certification, so that they may be 21st century classroom-ready by the time they graduate.

The Learning to Teach Lab is composed of the following components and initiatives:

  • (1) The Empowered Educator Program
  • (2) Practice Based Teacher Education
  • (3) Mixed Reality Simulation
  • (4) Certification Exam Support Hub
  • (5) Teacher Educator Development

The Learning to Teach (LTT) Lab was created to support candidates in their journey to become certified teachers. It is designed to ensure that all candidates receive practice-based experiences, quality instruction in digital pedagogies, and supports to prepare for their certification exams. It is also designed to provide supports for teacher educators.

The Learning to Teach Lab (LTT lab) was established to scale and sustain key program features that align with the teacher preparation conceptual framework and advance the desired outcomes to fulfill the teacher preparation program vision. Those program features are Practice-Based Teacher Education (PBTE), Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Pedagogies (CLSP), and Technology for the 21st Century. In addition, the LTT lab includes components designed to scale supports for teacher educator professional development to contribute to the achievement of the teacher preparation program vision, and to scale and sustain supports for teacher candidates to succeed in becoming certified teachers by passing TExES exams.

The Empowered Educator Program

The Empowered Educator Program (E 2) is an online curriculum that is aligned to the seven ISTE Standards for Educators.

Practice-Based Teacher Education

The design team engaged in mapping practice-based assignments using simulations, creating new or revising case scenarios, starting three Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles, and mapping structured field experiences to the program curricular maps.

Mixed Reality Simulation

The Mixed Reality Simulation program is a learning tool that provides virtual environments designed to help students improve their performance in an area of study.

Certification Exam Support Hub

The Certification Exam Support Hub ensures teacher candidates receive the necessary preparation to become certified teachers by the time they graduate.

Teacher Educator Development

The Teacher Educator Development established four modules reflecting our Teacher preparation conceptual framework articulate the core practices the EPP is scaling which will be embedded in the EPP’s professional development structure.