Educator Preparation Program

The Educator Preparation Program consists of the following two offices, which provide services for offered educator preparation programs.

Contact the Office of Educator Preparation and Accountability for more information.



Contact us to inquire about admissions application process this includes

  • Admissions application process
  • Admissions application window(s)
  • Questions regarding the status on admission application
  • Questions regarding the interview process
  • Questions regarding GPA requirements


We can answer questions regarding

  • TExES Representative Exams
  • TExES Testing Request Approvals
  • Contact program (faculty) coordinators
  • Submit testing request application
  • Answer questions on the status of testing approval


Contact us if you have questions about

  • Certification process (Steps for Certification)
  • Requirements for certification (for both teacher and graduate)
  • Status on your application for certification
  • The certification application with the TEA
  • How to submit certification application with UTRGV and TEA


Contact the Certification Exam Support Hub for more information.

Certification Exam Support Hub

The Certification Exam Support Hub provides support for the following certification exams.

  • Core (391)
  • Pk-3 (292)
  • STR (293)
  • PPR (160)

Contact the Office of Field Experiences for more information.


Field-Based Experiences

Field based experiences, defined as time spent in a classroom setting working with children and teachers in grade level or content area of certification sought, are an important part of the teacher candidate’s preparation in becoming a professional certified teacher in the State of Texas. It provides teacher candidates with the opportunity to experience what real-life classrooms are like, while giving an overview of the teaching profession, as well as opportunities for the application and evaluation of related theories and concepts taught in the program. These opportunities are designed to introduce prospective teachers to a variety of educational experiences in a variety of appropriate settings including teaching exceptional and diverse populations in ways that capitalize on students’ special strengths and provide effective instructional practices to address areas of academic need.

Clinical Teaching Program

Clinical teaching is a full-day, full-time, school-based practicum supervised by an experienced certified teacher and a university supervisor or university faculty. Clinical teaching is the culminating experience during the professional development of teacher candidates. It provides them with the opportunity for acquisition and demonstration of instructional competence as beginning professional educators. The practical experiences and reflection gained during clinical teaching prepares candidates to become effective educators. The overarching goal of the clinical teaching program is to immerse teacher candidates in classroom experiences as they transition into the role of a professional teacher by developing high levels of competence through supervised teaching experience. The clinical teaching program is aligned to state and national teaching preparation standards ensuring clinical teachers are prepared to be effective teachers in the classroom.