Formal Admission to Teacher Education Program(s)

Upon admission to the University, undergraduate students should meet with an academic advisor in order to follow a certified degree track, indicating to the advisor that the student is seeking teacher certification. During the sophomore year, students must prepare to apply for formal admission to the Teacher Education Program(s).

Students must then apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program at the Office of Educator Preparation and Accountability. All admission requirements are in accordance to Texas Administrative Code rules §227.10 and the HEA Title II accountability requirements. All applicants must meet the current certification requirements in effect at the time of application, regardless of the catalog year of degree plan. Students are responsible for completing the following:

How to Apply:

Due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to complete exam requirements for admission into the teacher education program or clinical teaching we are extending our deadlines to apply for admission to the Educator Preparation Program and to apply for Clinical Teaching as follows:


Teacher Education Program
Summer 2020 Admission
Friday, May 15, 2020

Teacher Education Program
Fall 2020 Admission
Friday, July 31, 2020

Clinical Teaching

Fall 2020 Clinical Teaching Application

Friday, July 3, 2020

If you have a scheduled exam, please reach out to the testing center where you have registered to get information on any special procedures that testing center has put in place. You can also contact the TExES test vendor, Pearson, at for more information about certification testing during this time.

Please know, we are continuously monitoring and evaluating changes and how these may impact you. Updates will continue to be shared as soon as they become available.

Admission Requirements:

Students must be core complete, have 60 semester credit hours, and meet program GPA and testing requirements.

  • Junior Status and GPA

    • Junior status (60 hours toward degree plan with teacher certification) and an overall GPA of 2.75 or higher is required. Sixty-hours of coursework includes core completion. Students must be core complete at time of admission. Electives and language proficiency courses are not included in the 60 hours.

      Students seeking secondary or all level teacher certification must have 12 semester credit hours completed in the major. Math/Science majors (UTeach Program) for 7-12 grade certification must have 15 semester credit hours completed in the major.
  • Required Exams

    • Attain minimum passing score on one of the following exams (may mix and match):
      • *THEA: Reading -260, MATH 230, Writing 240
      • *ACT or ACT-R: Composite Score of 23
      • *SAT: 1070 (Verbal + Math)
      • *TSI: Reading 351, Math 350, 340-390 on TSI Writing Placement and minimum 4 on WritePlacer essay; or 310-339 on TSI Writing Placement and levels 4-6 on ABE Diagnostic and minimum 5 on WritePlacer Essay
      • *Subject to change
    Register for exams at
      • As per Texas Administrative Code, Chapter §227.10(6)(b), an applicant to a university undergraduate program that leads to a bachelor's degree may satisfy the English language proficiency requirement by meeting the English language proficiency requirement of the accredited Institution of Higher Education (IHE) at which the applicant is enrolled,
      • or students must take all four parts of the Test of English as a Foreign Language-Internet Bases Test (TOEFL-iBT) and obtain a minimum score of 24 for speaking, 22 for listening, 22 for reading, and 21 for writing. Exam is required for students that graduated from a Non-English speaking High School outside the United States.
  • Prerequisite Coursework and Grades

    • ENGL 1301 with C or better (All Grade Levels)
    • ENGL 1302 with C or better (All Grade Levels)
    • EDUC 1301 (Elementary Teacher Education Program only; Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with specializations in Bilingual, ESL and Special education)
    • EDFR 2301 (Elementary Teacher Education Program only; Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with specializations in Bilingual, ESL and Special education)
    • MATH 1350 (Elementary Teacher Education Program only)
    • MATH 1351 (Elementary Teacher Education Program only)
    • UTCH 3301 (UTeach Program only)

Procedures for Application Submission

Complete the application once the admissions period begins and submit to our office. For additional questions contact the Office of Educator Preparation and Accountability at (956) 665-7952 or (956) 882-4139. We are located in BMAIN 2.200M at Brownsville Campus or EEDUC 2.510 at Edinburg Campus.

  • Criminal Background Check of Applicants (There will be a processing fee for criminal background check.)

    Teacher Education Program(s) require field work in the public schools. This requires that a student be able to clear a criminal background check conducted by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley during formal admission and during the program by school districts. It is the responsibility of the student to determine if their criminal history background will present a problem before applying for admission to the teacher education program.

    Note that students with a problematic criminal history will encounter difficulty in completing any field work requirements and therefore, may not be able to complete the program. Questions about criminal history background checks can be referred to the Office of Educator Preparation and Accountability.

    The applicant must submit a Criminal Background Check (CBC) through the following link:
    Pursuant to the Texas Education Code (TEC), §22.083, candidates must undergo criminal history background check prior to employment as an educator. Pursuant to the TEC, §22.0835, candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to clinical teaching.

    Read all items carefully and submit the required information. Print the payment confirmation page and submit with application. Note: Admission to Teacher Education Program may be denied or rescinded based on a review of the background check.

    Criminal History Acknowledgement

    As required by Texas HB1508, applicants need to be aware of the following.

    1. In order to receive certification in Texas, you must pass a criminal history background check.
    2. If you have been convicted of an offense that is considered not appropriate for an educator, you could be ineligible to earn this certification from the state of Texas.
    3. You have a right to request a preliminary criminal history evaluation letter from the Texas Education Agency prior to admission into this program. The Texas Education Agency currently charges a $50 fee for this criminal history evaluation.

    Preliminary Criminal History Evaluation.

  • FERPA Consent to Release Educational Records and Information, Candidate’s Acknowledge Statement of Professional Dispositions, and Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators

    All applicants must complete and sign a FERPA Consent form, Candidate’s Acknowledgement Statement of Professional Dispositions, and Code of Ethics. These forms are available as part of the application and must be submitted at the time of application.

  • Minimum THEA, ACT or ACT-R, SAT or TSI scores are required at the time the application is submitted.

    To ensure proper score reporting, submit a copy of your scores with your application. If exam was taken at another institution, please request a copy of your scores, on official letterhead, sealed in an envelope and submit with your application.
  • Interview of Applicants

    All applicants will be interviewed as part of the application process. Students will be contacted by (respective major's) department after submission of the application to schedule interviews.

  • Candidates with Military Service and/or Experience in Education

    In accordance with 19 TAC 228.35 (a)(5), UTRGV’s College of Education may accept military service, training, or education toward the fulfillment of program requirements. Military service, training, or education must be directly related to the certificate being sought and may not take the place of certification examinations. Service, training, or education may not count as part of an internship, clinical teaching, or practicum requirements and must be provided by an approved Educator Preparation Program or accredited institution of higher education within the past five years. The Program Director will determine whether or not military service, training, or education is relevant and could be used as a substitution