CEP Student Success

UTRGV Promise

The UTRGV Promise is our promise to students that we are here to help them earn an undergraduate degree in four years! Our Promise Program is available to all incoming first-year students with an elementary education major (BIS EC-6) in the College of Education and P-16 Integration degree with concentrations in Bilingual education, ESL or special education.

First-Year Connections to Students and Faculty Priority Access to Courses and Unique Educational Experiences Specialized Academic Advising and Career Development

First-Year Connections to 
Students and Faculty

Priority Access to Courses and
Unique Educational Experiences

Student Commitment

  • Successfully complete high impact educational experiences identified in your College Promise Plan.
  • Build a strong peer mentorship relationship and establish a faculty mentorship/advisor within first year.

  • Developing teaching resume by successfully completing career development activities each year to link academic progress with career interests/goals.

  • Successfully complete benchmark activities via BBL PATH organization.

  • Complete at least 30 academic hours each year (not including repeated or developmental courses)

  • Maintain a 2.75 GPA and earn no lower than the minimum course grade required for those courses with a minimum grade requirement.

  • Complete the courses identified as critical on your College Promise Plan at the time indicated on the plan in order to stay on track.

  • Register for classes on your degree plan within the first 48 hours of registration eligibility for Fall and Spring semester registration. Notify your Promise Faculty Advisor no later than the study day of the current semester if unable to register for a required major course offered in the next semester.

  • Gain admission to their major by the beginning of the fall semester of your junior year if the major requires admission.

  • Maintain good standing with UTRGV including with the Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and Student Rights and Responsibilities offices.

UTRGV Commitment

  • Maintain your same tuition and fee rates for the full four years of your undergraduate studies.

  • Make sure that you have access each semester to the courses you need to make progress in your major and to graduate in four years.

  • Provide high impact educational experiences to you during your undergraduate studies, such as access to experiential experiences, service/community-based learning, undergraduate research experiences (action research), and writing-intensive courses.

  • Provide opportunities to connect with peers through peer mentors, student organizations, volunteer activities, leadership activities, and student organization activities.

  • Provide supportive and accurate academic mentorship and advising.

  • Provide opportunities for career development and preparation through career development activities designed for our Promise students to develop as professional teachers such as tutoring and teaching opportunities.

  • If you are unable to graduate in four years despite meeting your obligations, the university will either make appropriate adjustments in your course requirements so that you can graduate in four years or will pay the tuition and fees for any coursework you are required to take beyond four years.

College of Education and P-16 Integration
Student Success Team

The Student Success Team marshals resources and expertise to build preparation, retention, graduation, and post-graduation success through a coordinated institutional effort that is informed and directed by college-specific insights.

Institutional Investment and Leadership

The Student Success Support and Steering Council (S4C) will provide direction, support, and advocacy for SST work. Membership of the S4C includes leaders in areas impacting student success. Institutional and college-specific goals, initiatives, and achievements will be frequently reviewed and prioritized with leaders from across the institution.

CEP Student Success Team
College of Education and P-16 Integration Student Success Team PDF
  • Team Technology Toolbox

    • Dashboard
    • Managed Reporting and Banner
    • EAB Campus student campaign tools
    • EAB Campus predictive analytics (Success Markers)
    • Tk20
    • PATH BBL Organization
  • First & Second Year Experience

    Focuses on pre-admission teacher candidates with 0-60 credits; roadmaps and blueprints include pre-admission cluster, service learning, substitute teaching; general orientation to profession with focus on professional dispositions. Membership into professional teaching organization and awareness of legislative policies impacting profession. Metric for success is first year retention rates.

  • Transition to Educator Prep Program

    Focuses on successfully transitioning pre-admission students into the teacher education program as teacher candidates in preparation of completing coursework, program, field experiences and having success on certification tests. Metric for success is progression into clinical teaching.

  • Evolution of the Professional Teacher

    Focuses on successfully preparing professionals for the teaching profession with strong clinically-rich experiences and framework for teaching and learning exemplified by CEP’s Mission and Vision. Metric for success is graduation and teacher certification with teacher candidates ready to enter the profession.

  • University Support Offices

    • Academic Advisement
    • Student Life
    • Career Center
    • Learning Center
  • Student Resource Toolbox

    • 4-year Roadmaps
    • Experiential Blueprints
    • Degree Works
    • 2-year planned course offerings
    • VLink
    • Engagement Zone
    • Certify Teacher software