Program Goals and Objectives

The overarching purpose of the partnership is to create and implement a model program that is a clinically-rich, school-embedded pathway in a teacher education program by building a partnership to close the gap between preparation and the first year of teaching through the bridging of theory and teaching practices and habits of mind such as a culture of inquiry to inform future teaching practice. The program will redesign the space between the teacher candidate’s last year at the university and the first year of teaching experience. The ultimate outcome is to prepare teacher candidates who embody teacher leader characteristics and to prepare an experienced pool of UTRGV College of Education graduates to serve as Harlingen CISD teachers who possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and dispositions to ensure positive outcomes for all learners.

  • Goal 1: Build a thoughtful, collaborative partnership between the UTRGV teacher preparation program and partner school districts.

    Stakeholders will:

    • Objective 1.1: Participate in shared planning, decision making, and accountability in developing and implementing the STEP UP program.
    • Objective 1.2: Review teacher candidate progress and program data, and participate in decision making for continuous improvement through monthly Steering Committee meetings.
  • Goal 2: Create a clinically-rich pathway in the teacher preparation program that bridges theory and instructional practices at partner school districts to narrow the gap between teacher preparation and the first year of teaching practice.

    Teacher candidates will:

    • Objective 2.1: Design, implement, and assess instruction using evidence-based instructional practices.
    • Objective 2.2: Engage in critical reflection of and for instruction.
    • Objective 2.3: Differentiate instruction for students with diverse needs.
    • Objective 2.4: Apply theoretical constructs learned in coursework to instructional planning, delivery, and assessment.
    • Objective 2.5: Implement culturally responsive instructional strategies.
    • Objective 2.6: Implement culturally responsive classroom management strategies
    • Objective 2.7: Implement culturally responsive strategies focused on family engagement.
  • Goal 3: Develop a culture of inquiry that focuses on evidence-based decision making and data literacy to inform teaching practices

    Teacher candidates will:

    • Objective 3.1: Design and administer student assessments that yield meaningful data for the purpose of informing instruction.
    • Objective 3.2: Collect and synthesize data from multiple sources for the purpose of making effective instructional decisions.
    • Objective 3.3: Analyze and interpret data for instructional decision making.
    • Objective 3.4: Apply evidence-based practices to instructional planning and delivery.