Intensive Mentorship & Preparation in Acceleration for a Career in Teaching

IMPACT Program

Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers through an Accelerated Pathway

Today’s teacher needs deep knowledge of content and how to teach it along with a strong understanding of how to use pedagogical, technological tools and resources for positive learning outcomes of students. Today’s effective teachers need to relate to and care about their students and their academic needs. Today’s teacher makes impactful instructional decisions based on data and is a good thinker and decision-maker having the overall goal of increasing student achievement in mind.

Developing expertise as a teacher is significantly impacted by the type of school-embedded clinical experiences provided in the preparation of the teacher. By combining preparation through teaching high standards of practice in a school-embedded year-long clinical experience, the teacher will be ready to teach with the expertise of a second-year teacher instead of a beginning teacher after completion of the program.

The IMPACT program is a new bilingual teacher preparation program based firmly on these premises. As teacher candidates learn to teach using a strong clinically-rich approach, they earn a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with bilingual education specialization and teacher certification (EC-6).

Selecting the Best Teachers for the Classroom: Qualifications

The IMPACT program seeks exemplary teacher candidates to complete a bachelor’s of interdisciplinary studies degree with specialization in bilingual education (EC-6) with teacher certification in a summer to summer program. The fast-paced, research-based, rigorous program prepares bilingual teacher candidates by bridging clinical practice and teacher preparation.

Spring 2019:

  1. UTRGV Admission
  • Earned Associate of Arts in Teaching (Elementary) AAT degree
  • Met all UTRGV admission requirements
  1. UTRGV CEP Teacher Education Program Admission
  • Junior Status and 3.0 Overall GPA
  • *Required Exam and Scores
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Essay and Interview
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • *THEA: Reading -260, MATH 230, Writing 240
  • *ACT or ACT-R: Composite Score of 23
  • *SAT: 1070 (Verbal + Math)
  • *TSI: Reading 351, Math 350, 340-390 on TSI Writing Placement and minimum 4 on WritePlacer essay; or 310-339 on TSI Writing Placement and levels 4-6 on ABE Diagnostic and minimum 5 on WritePlacer Essay

*Subject to change

Learn to Teach Summer Bootcamp

In the first summer along with coursework, teacher candidates will participate in an intense 2-week summer boot camp focusing on survival skills for teachers including developing data literacy skills, data-driven decisions, working with bilingual students and setting positive learning environments.

Mursion TeachLivE™

A mixed-reality simulation experiences allows teacher candidates to develop communication skills as bilingual teachers, teach instructional strategies and classroom management by practice teaching in front of instructors and peers with ability to refine skills based on immediate feedback.

QM Designed Online Courses

Designed to produce learning outcomes, Quality Matters (QM)-designed courses are well-designed, online courses delivered by QM-certified faculty aligned to meet learning objectives in evidenced-based ways.

School-Embedded Preparation

Through clinically-intensive preparation at PSJA School District elementary schools with bilingual children and teachers, teacher candidates gain authentic experiences that will strengthen their skills and competence as a bilingual teacher.

Teacher candidates will have a year-long clinical practice by gradually increasing the number of days spent in the classroom as they develop culturally and linguistic appropriate teaching strategies, relevant assessment and reflective skills in their development.

Submit your Information to receive Updates on the Next Cohort

If you are interested in applying for the IMPACT Program. Please provide your information to Ricardo Sanchez, Office of Educator Preparation and Accountability Program Coordinator. Once the IMPACT Program begins accepting applications for the next cohort. You will be contacted via email with all the necessary requirements and application procedures.

Please submit a Pre-Application for the CEP IMPACT Program.

Ricardo Sanchez
Program Coordinator
(956) 665-7223