Development and Revision of SLOs

Development and Assessment of SLOs Process

As a SACSCOC accredited institution, each program is required to identify Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for each program. The main function of assessing SLOs is program improvement.

In early Spring 2015, committees for the different programs in the UTRGV College of Education and P-16 Integration were developed with the charge of streamlining and aligning various program components to the extent possible including program student learning outcomes, program admission criteria, coursework sequence, field experiences, and clinical components. The committees developed student learning outcomes capturing general goals of legacy institution programs with the understanding that these would be revisited and revised during the following academic year.

The procedures outlined below will be followed in the College of Education and P-16 Integration to develop and assess SLOs effective Spring 2016.

  1. Each program must have a minimum of 3 SLOs which must be developed under the guidance of program coordinators with input from all program faculty.
      • a. In programs with multiple specializations, faculty from each specialization will develop additional SLOs. Program coordinators should work in conjunction with specialization coordinators, who in turn need to solicit input and participation from specialization faculty in the development of SLOs.
  1. Program SLOs must be aligned to professional and/or state standards.
  2. Program SLOs should be listed in program course syllabi.
  3. Course objectives should be aligned to program SLOs.
  4. Program SLOs can be revised by program faculty so long as revisions are data-based.
      • a. Revisions to SLOs should be forwarded to the corresponding department chair for review, who will in turn forward the revised SLOs to the Associate Dean of Assessment and Accreditation for review by the CEP Assessment Committee. Finally, revised SLOs will be forwarded to the Associate Deans for Undergraduate and Graduate programs.
  1. Each program will identify a lead faculty member responsible for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating assessment data to engage program faculty in reflection pertaining to student performance in each SLO.
  2. SLO data and analysis will be reported both Fall and Spring via CEP’s Data Review and Reflection Template. Institutional SLO assessment reporting will occur once a year every October.
Assessment of SLOs Process