Data Review and Reflections Process


The Data Review and Reflection process is a CEP initiative to support the development of a culture of inquiry and ensure a continuous improvement model. Through this process faculty routinely engage in analysis of student assessment data, and as a result devise improvement actions which strive to enhance student academic performance. This process is designed to be completed regularly and systematically while preparing programs to complete accreditation reporting requirements for SACS-COC.

Data Review and Reflection Template

The Review and Reflection Template is utilized to capture the review and analysis of program data by program faculty.

The form is comprised of the following sections:

  • Inclusion of P-12 Partners: Faculty describe to what extent, if any, key stakeholders (alumni, employers, practitioners, school and community partners & others) participate in the review and analysis of program data.
  • Individual Data Sources & Summary Statement – Faculty record program data elements & provide numeric updates which will comprise their review.
  • Data Review and Reflection – Faculty record their interpretation of program data; particularly strengths/weakness.
  • Changes – Faculty record any proposed changes based on data findings.
  • Use of Assessment Results to Improve Candidate and Program Performance: Faculty demonstrate how the changes instilled as a result of analysis have improved candidate and program performance.

Current Data Review and Reflection Templates


Program coordinators and/or department chairs are asked to facilitate the collaborative review and reflection process with program faculty. The information documented in the Data Review and Reflection Template should be shared with all faculty at departmental meetings. As stated, appropriate stakeholders, including alumni, employers, practitioners, school and community partners should to be involved in program evaluation and improvement.


Programs will engage in the review and reflection process every semester. Work Fall iteration of the template (Previous AY Data) will commence in August and be submitted no later than November 30th. Similarly, work on the Spring iteration of the Data Review and Reflection Template (Previous Semester Data) will begin every January and be completed no later than March 31st.

Data Collection & Visualization

Program data is crucial to the Data Review and Reflection Process as it the basis from which programs develop program improvements. CEP utilizes various tools to enhance the collection and review of program data.


Tk20 by Watermark is UTRGV’s institutional assessment management system and is utilized by CEP program faculty to collect, review and assess student work. Through coordinated efforts, CEP faculty work to build key assessments within Tk20. These key assessments are subsequently deployed in aligned coursework for student submission and rated by faculty via approved rubrics. Assessment data is then stored within the platform for further review and/or extraction at a later date. This process is cyclical and occurs every semester.