Tripod Surveys

The CEP employs Tripod survey assessments to obtain P-12 students’ feedback on their experience with our student teachers. Tripod survey assessments capture key dimensions of classroom life and teaching practice as students experience them. Using Tripod survey assessments, gives the EPP the ability to measure student perceptions regarding the teaching effectiveness of our student teachers. In addition, Tripod survey assessments measure student engagement and student satisfaction.

Tripod Surveys are administered to P-12 students and capture feedback on specific aspects of the classroom experience organized around the seven elements of teaching practices (The 7 Cs)


Show concern for student’s emotional and academic well-being

  • Build relationships
  • Address learning needs


Encourage and value students’ ideas and view

  • Respect perspectives
  • Promote discussion
  • Invite input


Spark and maintain student interest in learning

  • Design stimulating lessons
  • Facilitate active participation


Help students understand context and resolve confusion

  • Explain clearly
  • Check for understanding
  • Provide constructive feedback


Help students integrate and synthesize key ideas

  • Review and summarize
  • Connect ideas


Insist that students persevere and do their best work

  • Press for rigorous thinking
  • Press for quality work
  • Press for persistence

Classroom Management

Show concern for student’s emotional and academic well-being

  • Manage activities
  • Manage behavior