E-Week Winning Poster Showcase

Engineers Week - Let's Celebrate What Engineers Do Eweek 2020 DiscoverE.org/EngineersWeek Reimagining the possible

*Note: Only 1st place winners received prizes 

Civil Engineering


1st Place: Abraham Alvarez-Reyna, "Behavior of Narrow Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls with Secondary Reinforment"

2nd Place:  Ivan Santos Chavez, “Water Quality Monitoring to Assess Pollutant Loadings Draining into Brownsville Ship Channel”

3rd Place:  Adepolapo Adyanju, “Tree-ring Reconstructions of Streamflow for the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas”

Computer Science 


1st Place: David Caballero, Timothy Gomez, " Verification in 2-Handed Self-Assembly"

2nd Place: Robert M. Alaniz, David Caballero, Sonya C. Cirlos, Timothy Gomez, Elise Grizzell, Andrew Rodriquez, Armando Tenorio, "Building Squares with Optimal State Complexity in Restricted Active Self-Assembly

3rd Place: Sony Cirlos, Timothy Gomez, "Assembling Patterned Lines with Freezing Tile Automata"

Electrical and Computer Engineering


1st Place: Stephany Lopez, Christian Aguilar, Michael Cancino, Allyssa Villanueva, “End-to-end Translation System for American Sign Language”

2nd Place: S. Perez, J. Rangel, H. Rodriguez, “Class D Power Amplifier”

3rd Place: S.Thomas, D. Capitanachi Avila, “Energy Harvesting Device for Railroad Applications”


1st Place: Shamik Datta, Sajid Mahfuz Uchayash, “Investigating the Effect of Process Parameter on the Properties of RF Sputtered pSi Thin Film by Taguchi and Anova Analysis”

2nd Place: M.Pineda, “Three Practical Methods to determine Motor Loads”

3rd Place: Md. Imrul Kaish, “Feature selection using Discriminative Analysis”

Informatics and Engineering Systems


1st Place: Gene Reyes, "Solar Energy Project Catholic Diocese of Browsville"

2nd Place: James Cua and Aaron Cavazos, "Smart Irrigation Technologies"

3rd Place: Sam Infante and Gene Reyes, "Geriatric Mobility Device"

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering


1st Place: Jose Ricardo Carrillo, Aylin Delie , Hector Alvarez del Castillo, “Fast Response of Small Volume Manufacturing of Injection Molding Parts”

Mechanical Engineering


1st Place: Allan Cedillo and Victoria Martinez, “Lubrication Performance and Stability of SiO2 and TiO2 Nanoparticles Dispersed in Grapeseed Oil-Based Nano-Lubricants”

2nd Place: Matias Bautista, Erasmo Hinojosa, Geronimo Zapata, Jose Chapa, “Development of a Pin-on-Disc Tribometer to evaluate Surface Micro-Textured Components”

3rd Place:  E. Fletes, H. Morales, “Synthesis and Characterization of Vanadium and Titanium Phthalocyanines for Use as Anode Materials in Lithium-Ion Batteries”

3rd Place: S. Bose, B. Srivastava, V. Padilla, A. Abraham, A. Portales, “Color Tunable Aerogels/Sponge-Like Structures Developed from Fine Fiber Membranes”


1st  place: Leonel Villafranca and Abel Sanchez, “Predicting the Remaining Service Life of Railroad Bearings: Leveraging Machine Learning and Onboard Sensor Data”

2nd place: Roberto Garcia, Javier Arroyo, Waaed Khuffash, Curtis Pena “Transient Thermal Analysis of a Railroad Bearing Adapter for Optimal Placement of Onboard Sensors” 

3rd place: Jesse Aguilera, Santana Gutierrez, Harry Siegel, “Electrically Optimized Conductive Bearing Adapter Polymer Pad For Use in Freight Rail Service Applications”