Rapid Response Manufacturing Center (RRMC)

The UTRGV Rapid Response Manufacturing Center integrates technologies, management, and systems that significantly improve the speed to market of new and refreshed products, speed in response to customer needs, and demand for customized products at mass produced prices and quick delivery time.


Position North America as the world leader in rapid response manufacturing.


UTRGV Rapid Response Manufacturing Center provides a continuous flow of disruptive technology.


  • Help retain existing and create new engineering and manufacturing jobs.
  • Forge strategic alliances with businesses and industry to identify and remove competitive obstacles.
  • Commercialize applied research findings and work with industrial partners to create new products.
  • Reduce the time and cost of taking a product from concept to market and through retirement.

Research, Development, and Demonstration

Develop and apply emerging technologies to improve the competitiveness of manufacturing companies.


Assist entrepreneurs in the formation of new enterprises.


Provide specialized education focused on rapid response theories and practices; support workforce development through seminars tailored to an industry's specific needs.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Provide a strong innovation and entrepreneurship component which offers opportunities for hands-on experiences in rapid response and real-case industrial projects.

How can you get involved in the UTRGV RRM Center?

You are important to the RRM Center! Bring a project to us. We can collaborate with or support you through student interns, field engineers, and faculty associate engineers. Participate in the education programs provided through the center. Let us know what you need. We will respond RAPIDLY!