Center for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Cyber Systems (CAMICS)

The UTRGV Center for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Cyber Systems (CAMICS) integrates technologies, management, and systems that significantly improve the speed to market of new and refreshed products, securing U.S. Supply Chain in response to customer needs and demand.


Position North America as the world leader in advanced manufacturing.


UTRGV Center for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Cyber Systems provides a continuous flow of disruptive technology.


  • Perform research with emphasis on: Additive & Convergent Manufacturing, Robotic & Industry Autonomy, Cyber Manufacturing Smart & Connect Systems, and Energy & Semiconductor Manufacturing.
  • Help retain existing and create new engineering and manufacturing jobs.
  • Forge strategic alliances with businesses and industry to identify and remove competitive obstacles.
  • Commercialize research findings and work with partners to create new products.

Addictive & Convergent Manufacturing

The Additive and Convergent Manufacturing division is actively involved in supporting the ongoing research project at the CAMICs center focused on In-situ Additive Alloying and High Deposition Rate Additive Manufacturing processes.

Robotics & Industry Autonomy

ItHE Division of Robotic & Industry Autonomy focuses on designing and manufacturing autonomous systems for military and industrial purposes, employing Additive Manufacturing techniques to create advanced Robotics, Autonomous vehicles, and Unmanned Aircraft systems integrated with embedded sensors, catering to a diverse array of applications.

Cyber Manufacturing, Smart & Connect Systems

The Division of Cyber Manufacturing, Smart and Connect Systems focuses on building an information-rich and secure platform for advanced manufacturing and providing seamlessly connected systems to improve the quality, efficiency, and productivity of manufacturing and service systems and increase the resiliency and robustness of supply chains.

Energy & Semiconductor Manufacturing

The division of Energy and Semiconductor Manufacturing performs research at materials level and processes level to develop innovative functional materials, nano structures and packaging for sensing, AI, and energy storage.

How can you get involved in the UTRGV CAMICS?

You are important to the UTRGV CAMICS! Bring a project to us. We can collaborate with or support you through student interns, field engineers, and faculty associate engineers. Participate in the education programs provided through the center. Let us know what you need. We will respond RAPIDLY!