Those Who Can, Teach

Those who can. Teach.


Welcome to the Those Who Can, Teach summer camp! Teaching is one of the most noble and important professions. A teacher impacts hundreds of young people and is the key to helping them develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. It takes a great mind and heart to become a teacher. 

This summer camp brings together students from high schools across the Rio Grande Valley for a week of fun and learning at The College of Education & P16 Integration at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. During that week, students explore the teaching profession by defining teaching excellence. To achieve this, they use mobile technologies and collaborate with students from their school and other schools in the Valley, College of Education faculty, students from the teacher preparation program, and others members of the teaching community.


The goal of Those Who Can, Teach! is to engage high school students in the exploration of the teaching profession through a week-long action research project that examines the characteristics and best practices of excellent teaching.


Working individually and in groups, students will:

  • Reflect on the qualities of highly effective teaching
  • Select an action research focus
  • Research the characteristics of great teachers and effective teaching
  • Collect data and conduct interviews
  • Analyze data to identify common themes
  • Report results and take informed action
  • Use technology to create, communicate, and collaborate

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Students fulfill these objectives through the development of several products:

  • A video letter to their favorite teacher/mentor
  • Infographic: What are the characteristics of great teachers?
  • Infographic: What does great teaching look like?
  • Action Research Video Project

Earn Digital Badges

Digital badges are visual displays of skills developed in formal and informal learning opportunities. They are awarded and managed online, so it is easy for students to incorporate them into their resumes and portfolios. They are a very effective way for students to show universities and employers their specialized skills. Students who successfully complete the program will be eligible to earn the following badges:

      Action Research

Action-Research-BadgeStudents will engage in the exploration of the teaching profession through a week-long action research project. Working in groups, students will collect data about the characteristics and qualities of excellent teaching through reflective activities, research, and interviews with students and teachers.

    Multimedia Design

Multimedia-Design-BadgeWorking in groups and individually, students will use a variety of multimedia tools to develop posters, infographics, presentations, and videos that present information in a form that makes it easily understandable, communicates a message, and tells a story.

    Digital Collaboration

Digital-Collaboration-BadgeWorking in groups, students will use cloud-based computer-mediated communication tools to conduct research, work collaboratively, brainstorm ideas, develop drafts, upload files, and share media. Students will also use web conferencing tools to communicate and collaborate with invited guests.

  • Meet the Those Who Can, Teach! 2018 Summer Camp Team


    Dr. Patricia A. McHatton
    College of Education & P-16 Integration



    Dr. Steve Chamberlain
    Camp Facilitator
    Professor, Special Education



    Ms. Kayla Reyes
    Summer Camp Coordinator
    Academic Business Analyst, Office of the Dean
    College of Education & P-16 Integration


    Dr. Rene Corbeil
    Camp Facilitator
    Associate Professor, Educational Technology


    Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil
    Camp Facilitator
    Associate Professor, Educational Technology



    Dr. Carmen Peña
    Camp Facilitator
    Associate Professor, Teaching & Learning


    Dr. Noushin Nouri
    Camp Facilitator
    Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning


    Dr. Gerardo Aponte-Martinez
    Camp Facilitator
    Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning

  • 2016 Photos & Videos


    Click on the links below to view the photos of the students in action.


    Those Who Can, Teach! 2016 summer camp students interviewed two 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year award recipients from 2 school districts in the Rio Grande Valley. Please click on the video below to watch the interview.

    The students and camp counselors created multimedia videos for their action research projects. In teams, they reflected upon, researched, and interviewed others to respond to the 3 research questions: 1) Why do I want to become a teacher?, 2) What are the characteristics of great teachers?, and 3) What does great teaching look like? Click on the videos below to view their projects.

  • More Photos & Videos

    For more photos and videos, please click here to visit.

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