Teacher Education

UTRGV Continuing Education teacher training programs are specifically designed to provide educators with the tools needed to maximize classroom learning and student success. With an emphasis in subjects and methods such as STEM courses and active learning strategies, these trainings afford teachers of all levels the opportunity to get students excited about learning.

Advancing Educational Leadership (AEL)

This three-day face-to-face engaging and research-based training is required for teacher appraisers and will teach them to recognize the relationship between the seven strands of school leadership and five conceptual themes.

Behavior Modification through Simulation

With increasing consumer and professional interest in alternative and complementary care, Registered Nurses (RNs) are incorporating alternative/complementary modalities into their practices.

Building Great Comprehension Skills in Your Students

While fluency and decoding skills are a part of good reading, the ultimate goal of reading is comprehension.

Chemistry Workshops

The following series of workshops will provide participants the necessary background for supporting standards associated with the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) in Chemistry

Creating Motivated and Engaged Readers

Students who are eager and excited about reading find it easier to build the repertoire of skills that make great readers.

English Language Learners and Bilingual Learners for Secondary Math and Science Classrooms

This workshop is designed to provide practical and research-based resources and strategies to teach math and science to English Language Learners (ELLs). Participants will be exposed to the theoretical basis, skills and competencies needed to meet the needs of ELLs in the classroom. Participants will also experience at least four strategies for differentiating content instruction for these students.

Gamifying Reading Language Arts Engagement (Workshop)

In this workshop, teachers will examine ways to put engagement and motivation back into reading language arts, especially given constraints with accountability testing preparation.

Growing Readers

Children learn to read more easily when school learning is connected with home literacy practices.

Inquiry and Research for Reading Language Arts Teachers Workshop

Research in the era of Google and Bing create both an interesting and frustrating element for ELA teachers who want to understand how to teach students to be discerning readers of information, as well as keen synthesizers of content.

Literature for Critical Thinking

Help kids of all ages love reading while addressing the reading TEKS and fostering critical thinking.

Maximize Student Success in the STAAR Writing Exams

This course is designed to strengthen students’ performance on the essay portion of STAAR writing exams.

Physics Workshops

Three Saturdays of Newtonian Physics to help teachers prepare students for the STAAR exam.

Spanish for Elementary School Teachers

Three Saturdays of Spanish to help dual language teachers improve their vocabulary.

Special Education Students in Secondary Classrooms

This interactive workshop will focus on special education process, procedures and services for students in high school classrooms. In first part of the workshop the instructor will discuss the basics of teaching students with special educational needs in inclusive classroom including special educational laws.

Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)

The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) is the Texas recommended appraisal process created to evaluate teachers and establish a system of support. T-TESS is directly correlated to the Texas Teacher Standards.