Certificate in Web Analytics

This course is designed to help learners develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts and techniques that they will encounter as practitioners in the web analytics field. Topics discussed include a summary of web analytics concepts and important terms, along with the organizations and personnel who use web analytics.

The course also defines key performance indicators and discusses segmentation and strategies for categorizing website visitors. Students will also learn how to plan and assess website business strategies using web analytics, gain an understanding of how to plan for and design dashboards, and learn how to implement web analytics best practices.


• Define web analytics and how different organizations use it
• Explain the difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)
• Understand metrics and KPIs in web analytics and e-commerce
• Describe what segmentation is and how it can improve the usability of a website.
• Describe what dashboards are, why they are useful, and what should go into them
• Understand the use of dynamic content and landing page optimization best practices
• Articulate the importance of experimentation and testing in web analytics.
• Describe how surveys and qualitative information is used in web analytics.

This course is designed for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, managers, and other individuals interested in developing an understanding of foundational concepts in web analytics and website optimization.

Note: PEWD program participants should be 18 years or older.

No prerequisites required.

Mr. Alex Garrido
Josse “Alex” Garrido is the Director of Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics at The University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley. For over six years, he has successfully led digital marketing campaigns from inception to completion in both higher education and the private sector. He is frequently invited to speak at district and regional conferences where he shares the latest insights in digital marketing technologies and industry best practices. Mr. Garrido also co-teaches the Social Media Management and Digital Marketing certificate programs at UTRGV - Continuing Education.

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Edinburg CESS Building

Mr. Alex Garrido

$ 199

* This course includes self-paced online content and instructor led in-class sessions. Online content will be available 24 hours prior to the first in-class session.

Students requiring accommodation should contact our office pewd@utrgv.edu to learn about the process.

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