Certificate in Creativity and Innovation

Because organizations must innovate to stay alive in today's highly competitive marketplace, organizations need employees who can channel their creativity and innovation toward organizational challenges and goals.

In this course you are given a set of tools that allow you to leverage your creativity to identify and solve organizational problems. One activity asks you how you might look at a problem from a different angle to produce a more creative result; others walk you through the process of using analogies or replacement techniques to invent creative solutions to problems.

Each 3 to 5 hour, self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, selected readings, case studies, and self-assessments that will engage you and help you apply your newly discovered creativity in the workplace.

Upon successful completion of all courses in this certificate program, you can download and print a Certificate of Completion.

Courses included in this certificate program are listed below.


This course is designed for adult learners interested in improving their personal creativity, and learn the power of imagination while applying it to real-world scenarios.

Note: PEWD program participants should be 18 years or older.

No prerequisites required.

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  • ★ Real-world case studies
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This course has an "Ask the Expert" feature, which submits your questions directly to an expert in the field you are studying. Questions are answered as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours.

Learners must achieve an average test score of at least 70% to meet the minimum successful completion requirement and qualify to receive IACET CEU credit. Learners will have three attempts at all graded assessments.

Courses included in this Suite:

Course Cost: $ 79
Duration: 5 hours
PDUs/Contact Hours: 5 | CEUs: .5
Access Time: 90 Days Enroll

Spurring creativity in teams can be very challenging, but could also be the difference between a successful team and an unsuccessful one. This course looks at spurring creativity and innovation in teams and organizations. Drawing on the latest academic thinking, it outlines the key factors for creative teams. Further, the course focuses on tools and techniques designed to yield more productive thinking in collective settings. Participants learn about a number of targeted tools, including brainstorming, Discussion 66, Provocation, and others, to generate fresh thinking in smaller group settings and in their organizations.

Learning Outcomes:
• Explain the connection between creativity and innovation
• Outline the five factors for creative teams
• Use team creative tools such as brainstorming, Discussion 66, anonymous idea generation, and visioning
• Explain the importance of diversity in team creativity
• Describe techniques for prototyping new ideas
• Explain how to overcome creative barriers for teams and organizations
• Describe ways to make teams and organizations more open to creativity and innovation

Course Cost: $ 79
Duration: 3 hours
PDUs/Contact Hours: 3 | CEUs: .3
Access Time: 90 Days Enroll

Innovation can make or break an organization in terms of its ability to win and keep customers. This course looks at innovation in corporations and the public sector. It reviews the latest academic thinking on innovation, including Clay Christensen's seminal thinking on disruptive technology and the proper response to the disruption. Further, it explores some of the internal responses to the need for creativity, including idea champions, idea incubators, new venture teams and skunk works, and the process of moving from innovation to commercialization. This course also covers some of the more successful corporate innovators as a way of illustrating the principles of effective innovation in large organizations.

Learning Outcomes:
• Outline the key factors for an innovative organization
• Discuss the barriers to innovation
• Explain the differences between incremental, semi-radical, and radical innovation
• Describe internal innovation tools such as idea champions, idea incubators, new venture teams and skunk works
• Explain the process of moving from idea to commercialization
• Discuss the issues surrounding innovation in the public sector

Course Cost: $ 95
Duration: 7 hours
PDUs/Contact Hours: 7 | CEUs: .7
Access Time: 90 Days Enroll

The ability to deliver an effective presentation is critical in most job functions. This introductory-level course helps learners organize, structure, and create effective presentations that feature slides as a visual aid. Because many organizations use PowerPoint as a way of communicating information, this course offers advice and guidance on the most effective and persuasive uses of PowerPoint, including best practices on word count, graphics, and structure.

Learning Outcomes:
• Recognize what makes communication effective
• Understand the elements in the communications process
• Organize your communications and presentations
• Understand PowerPoint graphic rules of thumb
• Create an effective summary slide
• Describe and employ the four steps of purposeful communication in your presentations
• Understand the forecast, present, and echo structure for presentations
• Recognize key visual considerations for PowerPoint slides and presentations
• Understand how to organize and create PowerPoint presentations
• Revise PowerPoint slides to make them more effective
• Understand the success factors for face-to-face presentations

Course Cost: $ 79
Duration: 3 hours
PDUs/Contact Hours: 3 | CEUs: .3
Access Time: 90 Days Enroll

Confidence is key to delivering an effective speech or presentation. This two-module course, Effective Public Speaking, helps you to develop the skills you'll need to become an outstanding and confident public speaker. It reviews the seven stages of public speaking through games, interactive exercises, and videos. The tools and techniques in this course can ensure that you'll excel when speaking in any situation, from the start of your speech or presentation to its successful end.

Learning Outcomes:
• Describe the seven stages of giving a speech or presentation
• Discuss the elements of establishing your purpose for speaking (Stage One)
• Recognize the need to consider your audience (Stage Two)
• Describe how to develop your central message (Stage Three)
• Explain how to employ evidence in supporting your main points (Stage Four)
• Discuss how to craft your speech (Stage Five)
• Explain how to rehearse for your speech (Stage Six)
• Describe techniques for delivering your speech (Stage Seven)
• Recognize best practices for employing slides in your presentation
• Describe key techniques for dealing with speech anxiety
• Discuss how to handle difficult questions
• Describe effective responses when things go wrong

Online Suite Information

PDUs/Contact Hours:
18 | CEUs: 1.8

18 hours 

Access Time:
365 Days

Program Modality:
Online Self-Paced


Suite Cost:*
$ 249

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