Managing Remote Employees

As businesses are increasingly turning to technology to handle both internal and external communications, the notion of a centralized workforce that meets face-to-face on a daily basis is becoming less common. Companies are embracing the idea of employing remote workers—from both near and far—who can provide a diverse range of skills and viewpoints without being bound by location.

While there are many advantages to remote work for both the company and the individual, managers must be aware of the challenges that can arise when employing remote workers. This course explores the benefits and drawbacks of remote work and provides managers with tips for helping their remote workers stay connected and motivated.


• Identify the reasons why people choose to work remotely
• Examine current attitudes toward remote work
• Consider some of the myths surrounding remote work
• List the benefits and drawbacks of remote work arrangements
• Assess whether their company is well-suited for remote work arrangements
• Identify the top challenges when it comes to leading remote employees
• Discuss best practices for hiring and onboarding remote employees
• Explore ways to develop remote workers
• Consider how to effectively communicate with remote employees
• Develop strategies for providing feedback to remote workers
• Identify ways to motivate and connect with remote employees

This course is intended for supervisors, managers, business owners, and decision makers who are interested in improving and maintaining work productivity remotely.

Note: PEWD program participants should be 18 years or older.

No prerequisites required.


Edinburg Course Information

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Hybrid (In-person and Online Self-Paced)

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Edinburg CESS Building


$ 199

* This course includes self-paced online content and instructor led in-class sessions. Online content will be available 24 hours prior to the first in-class session.

Students requiring accommodation should contact our office to learn about the process.

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