Certificate in Grant Development

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Securing funding for an organization can be extremely competitive. That’s why it is essential for grant writers to skillfully navigate the detailed grants process to produce cohesive and compelling proposals that will maximize their pitch. This series of progressive and interactive workshops are designed to provide the participant with the resources, expert-guided practice, and mentoring to be able to write a competitive grant proposal. In addition to working in small groups with an experienced grant writer, participants will also have the added bonus of receiving a personalized proposal review by the instructor prior to submission

Course Outcome: Competitive grant proposal submission.

Course Bonus: Have your completed grant proposal reviewed by the instructor for 30 days post-workshop completely free of charge.

Course Duration
12 hours

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  • Preparing to Win: Research

    A)  Introductions: Participants & Structure of the Class
    B)  Grant Application or Grant Proposal
    C)  Review Request for Proposals
    D)  Defining and Describing Your Organization’s Programs and Mission
    E)  Grant Development Strategies (partnerships, coalitions & more)
    F)   Finding Funding - How to conduct grant searches with internet sample searches
    Identify an organizational funding priority and a potential funder. Complete the form provided in the workshop about the programs in your organization.  Email to renee.nank@utrgv.edu by Sunday 6 PM and bring two copies to next workshop. 
  • Writing Mentoring & Practice: Grant Narrative Components

    A)  Writing a Compelling Needs Statement with Supporting Data (Convincing funders your need really is a need)
    B)  Develop  Measurable Objectives
    C)  Practice - with samples and write your own for your proposal
    D)  Present Individual competitive grant RFPs with group critique
    E)  Program Description Template: Samples and Template for You to Complete

    Write your own Program Narrative which includes compelling intro and needs statement, measurable objectives and program description. Email to renee.nank@utrgv.edu by Sunday 6 PM and please bring two copies to class.
  • Selling Organizational Capacity: Budget and Sustainability

    A) Revise Program Narratives
    B) Review Objectives you completed
    C) Review Budgets from Funded Proposals
    D) Group Work - Conceptualize Your Proposals Budget
    E) Practice Writing Budget Narratives
    F) Conveying your Organization’s Capacity

    Write your own proposal's budget and budget narrative. Make sure it is logical and well explained. Email to Renee.Nank@utrgv.edu and bring two copies to next session.
  • Building Relationships: Evaluation, Reporting and Appendices

    A) Review of budget critiques
    B) Presentation of Various Evaluation Templates & Resources
    C) When and How to Use an Outside Evaluator
    D) Conceptualize the Evaluation Piece for Your Project - Group Work/ Present Ideas
    E) Grant Reporting to Funders

For municipal department managers seeking funding and nonprofit managers (executive directors, resource developers and program directors).

No prerequisites required.


Note: This course includes instruction and grant development mentoring resulting in a competitive proposal that can be submitted to a funding source at the end of the course.

  • Dr. Renee Nank

    Dr. Renee Nank received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Public Administration from Kent State University, and Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Public Affairs from Cleveland State University. Since then, she has presented multiple workshops to nonprofit leaders and public sector managers on topics including grant writing, human resources management, and strategic planning. Dr. Nank currently teaches nonprofit and public administration courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels at UTRGV, where her specialties include intersectoral collaboration, evaluation, non-profit management, and social entrepreneurship. She has also published scholarly articles in journals that include the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and  Voluntary Associations and Public Administration Quarterly.

"Even though I am considered a sensational writer, the knowledge I gained from this course has been a tremendous help and well worth the fee." - AAR