Certificate in Digital Photography

This certificate program in digital photography includes two levels, the basic and the advanced, to suit the needs of individuals who are interested in advancing their career in digital photography. The basic certificate program includes modules such as: Food photography, Architectural Photography and Basic Retouching. The advanced certificate includes topics such as: Studio Lighting, Environmental Portraiture, and High-end Retouching. Depending on the skill level and the professional need, people can take advantage of one or the other program or both as the modules are designed to be independent of each other and can benefit the aspiring photographer.

Course Duration
12 hours for Basic Certificate
12 hours for Advanced Certificate

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  • Basic Certificate

    Food Photography: In this course, participants will learn how to address, and overcome challenges presented while shooting in-house food photography. Attendees will learn how to expose properly using natural light, one source, and two light sources in order to capture captivating images for advertising purposes.

    Architectural: In this course, participants will learn the basics in regards to architecture photography, focusing on the creative aspect of High Dynamic Range (HDR). Attendees will learn how to compose, and do multiple exposures in order to bracket their composition to achieve an effective HDR.

    Basic Retouching: In this course, participants will learn how to fix White Balance, Exposure, Contrast, Tone Curve, and Color Correction using Lightroom. In addition, attendees will learn how to use the Cloning Tool, Layers, and Masks in Photoshop in order to create better images.

  • Advanced Certificate

    Studio Lighting: In this course, participants will learn how to set up a professional studio using high-powered studio strobes. Attendees will learn how to properly expose different subject matters in the studio with multiple lights (up to three) and learn lighting techniques using lighting modifiers that will help them capture their subjects in a more creative and dynamic way. Attendees will also learn posing, composition and direction techniques that will transform their images.

    Environmental Portraiture: In this course, participants will learn how to take stunning professional portraits outside of the studio and at an outdoors location using studio strobes. Attendees will learn how to properly expose different subject matters outside of the studio balancing both natural light and studio strobes. Attendees will also learn posing, composition and direction techniques to help their subjects look their best.

    High End Retouching: In this course, participants will learn how to perform high-end retouching on portraits using basic adjustments in Lightroom and transferring to Photoshop. In Photoshop, attendees will learn techniques using frequency separation, blend modes, layer masks, actions, cloning, dodging and burning, and multiple adjustment layers to really push their portrait photography to the next level.

Photography enthusiasts who want to explore the road to becoming professionals.

1) Basic understanding of manual DSLR function.
2) Basic-intermediate skills in photoshop and Lightroom.
3) Participants are required to bring DSLR.
4) For food photography, participants need to bring props.
5) For food, architectural classes, participants need to bring tripods.

Basic Certificate: $199
Advanced Certificate: $299

  • Rebecca Britt

    Rebecca is a commercial photographer in South Texas specializing in architecture, headshots, studio portraiture, commercial portraiture and electronic dance music (EDM) concerts. Rebecca is a staff writer for Fstoppers.com, the top rated photography website online. Fstoppers recently won the [Framed] Award for "Best Photography Online News/Media Resource Website". She is also a contributor and podcast host for RetouchingAcademy.com featuring the top retouchers in the industry.
  • Carlos Bortoni

    Carlos Bortoni is a Marketer, and Commercial Photographer who has been creating images since 2005. His work has been featured on week 5 Portrait Gallery at National Geographic´s Virtual Gallery, Revista Troleo (Fishing Magazine), 2011 2nd Edition of the People & Portraits Book by The Gala Awards, 2012 Street Photography by The Gala Awards, 2 Honorable Mentions by WPGA London, and Living Magazine. In addition, he won the 1st Photography Contest held by Revista Troleo, sponsored by Costa Sunglasses, and obtained a 3rd Place at the Photoshop Contest held by Focal Press. Carlos graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology in Higher Studies in 2006, earning a degree in Marketing. In 2011, he obtained a diploma in photography from Focal Point – The Visual Arts Learning Centre with one of the highest gpa´s. During his almost eight years taking Pictures, he´s had the opportunity to take Pictures in Canada, U.S.A., France, Spain and Mexico. His work has been portrayed on Billboards, Social Media, Flyers, Magazines, and other advertising media; having worked with companies such as Post Oak Grill, Diego´s Cantina, Isla Pasion, Diamond Orchid Weddings, and Cinemark Bistro.
  • Ivan Silva

    Ivan Silva is an experienced communication professional who is also a dedicated and motivated educator. He holds a Master’s degree in Communication, graduate certificates in Media relations and Training and Consulting, and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations.

    As a self-dubbed media aficionado, he believes that fusing today’s technology with time-proven techniques and methods allows a message to be delivered with both quality and effectiveness. Ivan has served as creative director for Iconic Deity Design House since 2008 where he focuses on content creation, media relations, and generating targeted social media interactions. His entrepreneurial desires led him to develop a local website (McAllenMetroJobs.com) to assist with his own personal efforts in job searches and later expanded into a partnership that has gained both traction and popularity. Grassroots marketing and social media marketing have been key assets in the projects goals and development. Silva has taught numerous courses for continuing education, including various test prep courses and photoshop modules of the WebDesign Certificate Program. He currently works as a teacher for La Joya ISD.

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