The Center for Border Economic Studies (CBEST) is a public policy research unit dedicated to the study of problems and issues unique to the U.S./Mexico border economy and North Tamaulipas. CBEST conducts interdisciplinary research that support economic development, trade, entrepreneurship, innovation, social mobility, and access. Among its technical reports, the Center publishes the Border Business Brief (BBB), a newsletter on economic indicators and forecasts of the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas and North Tamaulipas. CBEST has strategic partnerships with private sectors, foundations, government agencies, research scholars, and non-profits to fulfill its mission.

CBEST in concert with affiliated scholars conduct policy-oriented research in five key areas of importance to the border region:

  • Regional economic development and trade;
  • The labor market and immigration;
  • Health and environmental policy;
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation; and
  • Human and social capital development.

Mission Statement

In cooperation with local, state, national, and international entities the Center for Border Economic Studies (CBEST) works to promote economic development through its policy oriented research and analysis. Our primary objectives are:

  • Focus on interdisciplinary policy-relevant research in support of sustainable economic development.
  • Publish articles, monographs, books and reports that examine economic, social and political issues in the border region and make them available to policy-makers, business leaders, government officials, academics, students and border community in order to foster informed decision-making.
  • Create strategic partnerships with private sector, foundations, government agencies, research scholars, and non-profits to further policy-relevant research that leads to border area economic development.