University Internship Program

University Internship Program: Possibilities for Tomorrow

In today's job market, employers are seeking individuals who have experience in the workplace. This experience is crucial for graduating seniors looking for a job. The best way to prepare for entering the work place after graduation is to do an internship. The Career Center can assist students with seeking out opportunities through the University Internship Program.

The purpose of the University Internship Program is to create a centralized location where all off-campus and on-campus internships are posted and tracked. Benefits of the University Internship Program include:

For Students

  • Opportunity to gain real-work experience
  • Develop new skills
  • Establish a network of professionals
  • Build up your resume
  • Possibly receive a full-time position from your employer

For Employers

  • Internship development support and quick click re-posting for future terms
  • Increased visibility for opportunities to broader ranges of students
  • Additional marketing and outreach to internship seeking students and relevant academic departments
  • University-wide data collection of internship experiences

The goal of the University Internship Program is to prepare students for their careers by providing meaningful work experiences, professional contacts to the community, and intellectually challenging opportunities. Students will be held to the expectations and will have the full support of the Career Center during the internship.