Frequently Asked Questions for students and employers to be posted under the All In tab for the Career Center.

  • Can graduate students apply?

    A: No. The program is just for undergraduate students. 

  • What if I am taking an internship course; will this internship count for my course?

    A: The All In Internship Program allows a student to obtain academic credit. You are responsible for completing all documentation required by the college of your major and making sure all your assignments related to the internship are completed.
  • What if I am a working within the university with this affect my hours as a work study?

    A: No. Through the All In Internship Program your hours with the employer are separate than those you do as a UTRGV student employee. However, if you are a work study and are interested in applying to the internship program we highly recommend that you manage your time wisely. We do not want the extra workload to affect your academic performance. 

  • How can I apply?

    A: You can apply via your Career Connections. Make sure your resume is the most current one we have on file and your status is live. Once you have updated your resume, uploaded it to your profile and email the All In Internship Coordinator, Andrea Torres. In the email, inform her of your interest for the program and she can assist with processing your resume faster.
  • Where can I see a list of employers offering All In internships?

    A: Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a list of employers yet. However, we will be posting the internships as the semester begins. We highly recommend you get your profile checked through Career Connections checked as soon as possible.
  • What if I already have a company in mind and they are not in the list of employers?

    A: Great! We are recommending students search for a company of their interest. Please note that the company has to be within the city of Brownsville. If the employer is interested in the program you can pass the contact information to the All In Internship Coordinator so she can sign you and the employer up.
  • How many interns can I have in the program?

    A: Up to two for UTRGV and two for TSC. An employer may have more students employed with their company and may utilize Career Services for recruitment purposes however, may not be eligible for wage reimbursement.

  • I already have a student working for me. Can they join the program?

    A: Yes. If you already have a student working for you, it is very easy to join the program as recruitment tends to be the most challenging part of any business venture. However, the student will have to be placed in an internship position at your business. Provided your student employee is working in a field related to their major, simply fill out the W-9 and the Work Agreement and you’re all set! If the student desires academic credit for the internship, he/she must speak with their academic advisor
  • Can I be a program member at both TSC and/or UTRGV?

    Yes, there is currently no stipulation preventing membership in both programs. Both UTRGV and TSC reimburse the employer $5.00 for each hour worked by each intern.
  • How do I sign up?

    Contact Andrea Torres, UTRGV All In Internship Coordinator, for more details. 

  • Do I have to submit a different invoice for every intern?

    A: No, simply list each pay period/intern on a separate line to keep accurate record of the number of hours each intern is working. You may choose to list the pay periods weekly (20 hours) or biweekly (40 hours) on a separate line, however you may also submit invoices monthly (80 hours). *Check with the internship coordinator. 

  • What do I do about taxes on invoices?

    A: The program allows UTRGV and TSC to reimburse the employer for $5.00 of the intern’s gross salary. Employer is responsible for all employment taxes. 

  • What if I have a question that isn’t in this list?

    A: You can visit our website allininternships.com or email the UTRGV All In Internship Coordinator, at Andrea.Torres01@utrgv.edu