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Your Career Center: Get to know us

The mutual goal of both our faculty and the Career Center is student success. By working together, we can ensure the transition from student to a member of the work force is as seamless as possible.

Think of the path our students take to their professional career as a camping trip. Our faculty does an outstanding job of "filling the students' backpacks" with the knowledge and practical skills they need to thrive once they reach their destination. At the Career Center, we provide the maps and compasses, and serve as guides for students conducting their career exploration.

How can we help you? Following are some of the services we offer:

We help your students find the right fit

We help students determine the right career for their interests, career goals, skills, values, and personality. During their academic careers, students return to the career center to develop essential job-search skills. We are a student's best resource for job outlook, salary, and employment trend information.

We know employers who want to know you

At the Career Center, we work directly with employers, who often ask for the contact information of faculty members who can help them to target students in a particular major or discipline. Employers prefer to develop mutually beneficial relationships with faculty and can provide many forms of support. We can facilitate that connection. We also have resources to help faculty understand their ethical responsibilities toward students.

Our career fairs attract many recruiters to one event

Our career fairs provide excellent opportunities for your students to meet representatives from the companies in their industries of choice and establish a network of contacts. We will help your students research the employers beforehand and provide tips so they are prepared to effectively engage recruiters.

We help students master the job interview

There is no better way to prepare for the job interview than by practice interviews. At the career center, our staff or recruiter volunteers will conduct mock interviews with your students, then provide a constructive critique of their performance and effective interview strategies.

We'll bring the information to your class

We specialize in conducting presentations to the classes you teach and the student organizations you advise about a host of career-related topics, such as resume writing, job-search strategies, and interviewing skills. In addition, we can arrange presentations by professionals (many of them alumni), who can relate their experiences and how their major has helped them in their careers. We also can help out in a pinch: If you need to or are considering canceling a class, just contact us and we can schedule a presentation instead.

We assist in identifying quality experiential education opportunities

Experiential education is such an important part of your students' overall educational experience. Just ask any employer. Through our network of employers, we can help your students identify internship and cooperative education opportunities that will best serve them in their academic and professional pursuits.

These are just some of the services we offer. Please call the Career Center, Brownsville Office: (956) 882-5627 / Edinburg Office: (956) 665-2243, to determine how, together, we can achieve student success. We look forward to working with you.

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