Youth Program Staff Toolbox

Registering Youth Programs at UTRGV 

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is committed to providing an enriching Vaquero experience for youth participating in any University sponsored program. The Youth Program Support Manager is committed to providing university-wide support by: 

  • Equipping Program Directors with the necessary tools to successfully implement university-affiliated youth programs. 
  • Providing educational resources and training to ensure the safety of the youth participants.
  • Providing guidance on compliance requirements for UTRGV affiliated youth programs and assist Directors in conducting internal monitoring activities to ensure compliance.
  • Maintaining a directory of all Youth Programs offered at UTRGV.

All youth programs are required to officially register on the Youth Programs website prior to the beginning of the program 

  • Use  Youth Program- Non Custodial form if minors are not left on the custodial care of UTRGV. 
  • Use Youth Program - Custodial form if minors are left on the custodial care of UTRGV.

For any questions, Please contact the Youth Program Support Manager at 956-665-2522 or