Advertising and Outreach

Along with writing the job ad, strategies for advertising and outreach will have a major impact on the applicant pool. The ADVANCE grant can provide funding for advertising, so do not let the cost of posting be the deciding factor when composing your ad or deciding where to post it. Seeking out applicant databases focusing on women and minorities in STEM fields is an excellent way to expand the pool, as is using your network of colleagues to disseminate the ad. Further, ADVANCE can provide limited funds to support faculty travel to conferences in order to recruit.

Best practices:

  • "Advertise appropriately and search aggressively."* Don’t depend on a single publication or site to post your advertisement
  • Include the ad in any listserv or website maintained by professional organizations within your discipline
  • Network! Send the listing to your colleagues at other universities and encourage people you meet to apply
  • Make use of the many databases for minority Ph.D. candidates – as noted below, ADVANCE will help you do this automatically
*For more information, see "Guidelines for Recruiting a Diverse Workforce" (Penn State University)

2. Placing the Advertisement

Choose a shipping method:Would you like to advertise on this site? (UTRGV has a contract with this advertiser)

Is ADVANCE funding requested to cover this cost?

Is ADVANCE funding requested to cover this cost?

Discipline-specific organizations or list-servs. Hold down the Ctrl (windows) / Command (Mac) button to select multiple options.
Is ADVANCE funding requested to cover this cost?

3. UTRGV’s ADVANCE Team will upload your position description to the following databases. If for some reason you do not want your advertisement to be included, or if you would like to revise text of the introductory blurbs of your listing before we post it to the databases (note: required and preferred qualifications cannot be changed), please describe your preferences in the box to the right.

a) Faculty for the Future database (under-represented minority candidates from engineering, science, and business fields) Penn State University.

b) National Registry of Diverse and Strategic Faculty, Texas Tech University,

4. Recruitment at conferences. To request ADVANCE funds to support travel to a conference where you will be recruiting or interviewing applicants, please fill out the form below:

Click submit to send this information to your search committee chair and the ADVANCE program at UTRGV: