Master of Science in Global Commerce

The 100% accelerated online Master of Science in Global Commerce from UTRGV, prepares graduates with a solid foundation to become effective professionals and global leaders in an constantly evolving international business landscape. Students will learn in-demand strategies needed to lead corporations and companies in the commerce sector at a global scale.

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About the Program

The 100% accelerated online Master of Science in Global Commerce from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is a 10 month, 30 credit-hour program designed to help emerging professionals looking for career advancement in the commerce sector and mid to senior level professionals seeking additional training and knowledge to meet the fast-changing landscape of global commerce. 

Throughout the curriculum, students will learn methods of moving products internationally, understand how globalization impacts business operations, examine the law governing international sales, and learn more about U.S. Customs Law and Border Regulations. Courses such as Global Procurement,  International Supply Chain Management and Business are just some of the topics graduates will be able to master after successfully completing the program. 

The MS in Global Commerce is available in the accelerated online format only found at UTRGV. The format is ideal for working professionals who need the flexibility in balancing their personal and professional responsibilities. The program gives students the training and knowledge they need to work effectively with professionals from different cultural backgrounds and helps expand their global mindset with a diverse curricula full of relevant, and new global commerce strategies. 

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Readings and cases in International Business. Emphasizes the impact of comparative differences in the domestic and international business environments and operations, including impact of historical, economic, cultural and political foundations on operations. Special international business topics of unique contemporary importance are also studied.
This course provides students with a managerial perspective of Purchasing in the global supply chain. Emphasis is placed on Purchasing Structure and Process, Cost Management, Analytics Tools and Techniques, and Performance Measurement and Evaluation. Students will achieve hands-on experience by applying course principles in solving case studies and the use of SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning system in the Purchasing function.
Globalization has had a profound impact on the way businesses operate. This course will examine the impact on business operations and the many facets of trade that are impacted.
This course will include an overview of supply chain management and logistics as a global discipline that underpins international trade. It will examine the physical, informational and resource flows within the global supply chain of products and services.
This course is designed to give the student a working knowledge of import and export theory and its importance in a global economy. A brief overview of import and export history is used as the starting point for this class. Students will be exposed to the procedures and methods necessary to move products across international boundaries.
The course is designed to provide students an understanding of leadership and sustainability issues and strategies in a global context. Topics include the corporate, governance, stakeholder, environment, CSR, and circular economy perspective. Case studies will be emphasized.
This course will cover cross-border data flows now surging and connecting more countries. We will examine organizations' ability to transfer data and information that adds value to the transfer of goods and services through digital innovation. The course will enhance the students' ability to succeed in digital markets.
This course examines the sources of international business law, comparative law among the US, Mexico and other major trading partners, the choice of law in international business disputes, the special issues that arise when doing business with foreign governments, the law governing international sales and the shipment of goods, and international intellectual property protection. In addition, the relationships between law and culture involved in international business transactions will be examined.
This course will address key concepts and best practices in running a global supply chain on SAP, as well as using data driven solutions and analytics for sound decision making, easing the movement of goods across borders.
This course examines the legal underpinnings of US Customs Las in the Constitution and federal law, key statutory developments in the 20th Century through the present day, and follow the historical development of US Customs from its founding in 1789 to its present-day status as US Customs and Border Protection, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security. Students will be given a comprehensive overview of US obligations to declare goods on import and export and the roles and responsibilities of commercial parties, carriers and service providers in the cross-border environment. Customs duties and fees will be examined, along with US trade remedies, duty relief and deferral programs and preferential trading arrangements, including NAFTA. Post 9/11 supply-chain security related measures will be reviewed, as will key import safety-related restrictions and reporting requirements. The course will cover issues related to the filing of export declarations and provide an introductory overview of US export controls.

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