The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Building our Future

 Construction site of the new UTRGV Science Building - Edinburg, TX.

UTRGV: Keeping an eye on the horizon

Each day, our distributed university is expanding to serve the needs of our students and communities. We currently have campuses and sites in five locations across the Rio Grande Valley, with new buildings and projects totaling 433,615 square feet. These new and better facilities will boost student, faculty and staff achievement, and will support UTRGV on its path to becoming a top-tier emerging research university.

Construction Underway

Brownsville: Music, Science & Learning Center Construction of the Music, Science & Learning Center is well underway. It is located on the Brownsville Campus, on the circular drive to the right of Main. Read More
Edinburg: Interdisciplinary Engineering & Academic Building The Interdisciplinary Engineering and Academic Building will be located in the heart of the campus, west of the Library and just north of the Student Union. Read More
Academic Center
Brownsville: Interdisciplinary Academic Building The facility consists of a pair of two-story wings arranged to create a courtyard reflecting the campus vernacular to capture southeast breezes. The two wings connect with an exterior bridge and trellis to provide protective shading. Read More
Parking Lot at FJRM
Brownsville: Parking lot at FJRM To compensate for displacing 288 parking spaces in Lot B1, where the Multipurpose Building is under construction, new parking was built on the east side of campus. Read More
Edinburg: Science Building The Science Research Building will be located in the heart of the campus, adjacent to the existing Science Building.  Read More
Boca Chica Beach: STARGATE Technology Center The $1.8 million STARGATE Technology Center is a 15,000 square-foot facility under construction along Highway 4, adjacent to Boca Chica Beach, approximately 25 miles east of Brownsville. Read More
UTRGV Research Facility at DHR
McAllen: UTRGV Research Facility
at DHR
This two-story, stand-alone facility is located at 2300 E. Dove Ave., on the eastern side of the DHR McAllen medical campus, near DHR Hospital and the DHR-UTRGV Family Medicine Center. Read More

Recent Completions

Port Isabel: Coastal Studies Complex Coastal Studies has a new complex located on the southeastern point of Port Isabel, at the intersection of S. Garcia Street an Marina Drive, just before the swing bridge to Long Island Village. Read More
Ogletree Plaza
Edinburg: Ogletree Plaza The Ogletree Plaza opened Feb. 24, 2017 and features a statue of legendary Baseball Head Coach Emeritus Al Ogletree. Read More

Upcoming Projects