Supplemental Instruction

We welcome all students and faculty to ask about our supplemental instruction services and the difference it can make for students and their future success.
  • What is Supplemental Instruction?

    If you are enrolled in a class with Supplemental Instruction, you have the option to meet with an SI Leader for group study sessions that review class materials and help you prepare for exams.

    Times and locations are announced during class based on survey responses.

  • What does SI do for you?

    • It targets traditionally difficult courses.
    • It provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated sessions.
    • It helps develop study skills, note-taking, and test-taking strategies.
    • It promotes critical thinking skills.
    • It encourages self-directed learning.
  • Who can take part in SI?

    • An SI Leader is appointed by the Professor of the course and is someone who previously made an "A" in the class.
    • Every student taking the course can attend an SI session free of charge.
    • Students who want to improve their grades or maintain a high grade.
  • Why should I participate in SI?

    Studies have shown that participants:

    • Earn higher course grades.
    • Withdraw from class less often that non-participants.
    • Acquire skills to succeed in multiple courses.
  • UTRGV Mechanical Engineering-MECE 2340-Engineering Materials Tutorial Videos by Dr. Robert Jones

  • Request an SI Leader

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