Student Media

The UTRGV Student Media Department is committed to:

  •  publishing a weekly newspaper and a yearly magazine, broadcasting a weekly TV newscast and daily radio programming--all of which are produced by students;
  • preparing students for careers across media platforms;
  • and preparing students to be leaders in their future careers by placing them in leadership positions within the department's programs.

Student Media is composed of 4 main branches:

utrgv radio


Radio description goes here.
utrgv tv 


The official student news channel at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley.
utrgv-magazine pulse 

Pulse Magazine

Pulse Magazine is the official student magazine at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley.
utrgv student newspaper 

The Rider Newspaper

The Official Student newspaper of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The newspaper is widely distributed on campus and off campus in Brownsville and Edinburg, Texas. Views presented are those of writers and do not reflect those of the paper or university.