Library Check-Out Privileges for Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars, who present their UTRGV ID card and have no overdue books, may check out physical materials from the library. Lending periods and loan policies will vary by location.

The Requestor/Project Manager must submit this form on behalf of the Visiting Scholar or Special Assignment Staff in their department who desires to borrow library materials. Please note: If access to electronic resources is required, then the Requestor/Projector Manager must also Request an Event Guest Account on their behalf. The request number along with a request for library access will then need to be emailed to If access to electronic resources is required for 3+ weeks, then a Sponsored Account Form will need to be submitted.

Requesting Check Out Privileges For Faculty/Researcher/Special Assignment
Borrowing Period:
Requesting Department:

Acknowledgement of Terms

By submitting this form electronically, you agree to the following: I accept that my department/college will assume responsibility for paying any fees accrued for the loss or damages of physical library materials if the visiting faculty/researcher leaves UTRGV without paying.