Graduation Ceremony RSVP

Military and Veterans Success Center Graduation Stoles

Due to COVID 19, our office will not able to host our Veteran & Military-Affiliated Graduation Ceremony. This ceremony is to show our appreciation Veterans & Military-Affiliated students and highlight their service to our county. Graduates will drive up to the curb pick up their graduation stole, please RSVP will be emailed detailed instructions on the event with check-in and route.

Family, Friends, Campus & Community Partners are welcome to attend this event, we encourage them to arrive 30 minutes prior to the event to park in the designated parking. You can support our students be standing/sitting on the sidewalk (bring your lawn chairs) or by vehicles with posters and signs cheering our graduates.

Event Information and RSVP Forms

Planning to attend? Make sure to identify your preferred campus and fill out the respective RSVP Form.

Brownsville Campus

Date: May 29, 202020
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Location: West Side of Cavalry Hall (BCAVL) (Between BCAVL-Cavalry Hall and BSTOR-Bookstore)
RSVP Form: RSVP Form - Brownsville Campus

Edinburg Campus

Date: May 28, 202020
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Location: University Center (EUCTR) Parking lot
RSVP Form: RSVP Form - Edinburg Campus