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If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. For questions about your event specifically, please contact the department that is in charge of the space you are requesting. You can email for any technical issues you may be having.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request the UTRGV Police Department to unlock and lock the doors via Astra?

Yes, when requesting your event you will click on "add resources" and click on Police-Unlock and Police-Lock to let Campus Police know you will need the doors to be opened. They require at least 5 days in advance for processing.

When are PD services needed?

All events are required to have PD resources regardless of the event time or day.

**Note: PD will NOT unlock a door for you unless your event was confirmed on Astra. If your event is not approved Campus Police has the right to remove you from the room.

What do I need to do if I need a room that has WebEx capability?

You would need to request this service through Service Now on your page first. Once A/V services have been confirmed, they will notify our office and we will schedule the event.

What do I need to do if I need set up/teardown services?

On the Astra Home Page, there is a link called “iService Desk Request Link.” This will open up the facilities TMA site where you can get quotes on any necessary services that are not included in the room. Once a quote has been provided, a work order will need to be processed through iShop for Facilities to proceed.

***Note: The Student Union area has its own setup/teardown services that would not require the Facilities Request.***

Which request form can I use for El Gran Salon/El Comedor in Brownsville?

Both El Gran Salon/El Comedor may be found under the UTRGV Student Union/Ballroom Request form.

Which request form can I use for Salon Cassia in Brownsville?

Salon Cassia may be found under the UTRGV Non-Academic Space Request form.

About how long will it take for my request to be approved?

We require 3-5 days to process event requests, but depending on how many requests are pending, it may be less.

How do I verify that my request has been scheduled?

Once an event has been scheduled, you will receive an e-mail with the event detail confirmation. Please be sure to read through this carefully. You can also check the Scheduling Grid under the Calendars tab, look for the day and room you are requested and verify that your event is on the schedule.

**Note: Make sure you are on the Campus Events and filtered to Events and Academics. If you do not see your event please contact the approver for assistance.

How do I get my event on the Campus Calendar?

When you are requesting an event, there will be a box labeled ‘Featured’ that you may check off in order to have your event featured on the Astra Campus Calendar. 

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