Student Success Indicators

At UTRGV, our goal is to help students make strong progress through the end of their bachelor's degree and beyond. Student success is central to UTRGV's institutional mission. Even though we've only been established since 2015, we know based on experiences of students from UTPA that transitioned to UTRGV that our students will go on to graduate and be successful.

  1. UTRGV Students Make Progress - About 80% of the students who started with UTRGV in 2015 continued into their second college year at UTRGV.
  2. UTRGV Students Graduate - About 41% of students who started at UTPA in 2010 and continued with UTRGV graduated with a bachelor's degree from UTRGV within 6 years.
  3. UTRGV Students Earn Licenses - Our students who graduate from UTRGV and later seek a professional license have excellent success rates. For example, our pass rates for Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Communication Disorders, and Pharmacy are typically over 90%.
  4. UTRGV Students Get Jobs - According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Accountability System, about 77% of our undergraduate students who graduated from UTPA in the 2014 academic year (the most recent year available) reported either having a job or continuing with their studies after graduation.