About the Program

Knapp Family Medicine Residents and Staff


We are dedicated healthcare providers and educators with a passion to inspire, create knowledge, and train world class health professionals who will provide comprehensive, quality, timely, integrated are to empower our communities. We strive to reduce health care disparities in our population with an emphasis on underserved issues in border and regional health.

Ultimately our mission is to have a sustainable regional model of care with global impact.

Core Values:


  • A culture of compassion
  • Active knowledge creation
  • Assure integrity
  • Innovation with stability
  • Nurturing the whole person

We work towards a life of peace and happiness.


We will achieve our mission through:

  • Emphasizing personal wellness
  • Graduating compassionate, prepared, life-long learners
  • Creating a culture to serve
  • Providing compassionate inter-professional person centered care to individuals, families, communities, and populations
  • Contributing to creation of knowledge through research collaborations, presentations and publications
  • Producing leaders to shape the delivery of health care
  • Producing leaders to shape the delivery of health care